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Turath Tower Mall New Capital By Al-Aziz Development

Property Type Price  
Stores 2,212,000 - 5,123,000 85,241 EGP/M2
Co-working space 992,000 - 1,989,000 34,082 EGP/M2
  • Listing Description

    About Turath Tower Mall

    Turath Mall in the Administrative Capital is the first project of Al-Aziz Real Estate Development Company, which is characterized by unique designs for the first time in the new capital. The project combines 3 different cultures, namely the Pharaonic, the Roman as well as the Islamic. This gives the mall designs a very modern and elegant look that makes customers feel special all the time.
    The project of Turath Tower, the new capital, covers an area of 2146 square meters, and it consists of a ground floor + 10 repeated floors that contain commercial and administrative units with divisions and spaces that suit all different investments.
    Al-Aziz Real Estate Development Company has also provided all the basic services and facilities that help in the success of any investment within the Turath Mall in the Administrative Capital.

    About the company that developed the Turath Tower Mall project

    Al-Aziz Real Estate Development Company is one of the companies of the “Hosni Abdul-Aziz Sons” group, which was established since 1989 and has become one of the largest companies in the Middle East, classified as a first category in the construction of infrastructure and road paving. Over the years of working to provide the needs of different customer segments, the company has developed many residential, commercial and administrative projects in Nasr City and New Cairo. In order to provide the needs of all customers and meet the aspirations of investors in the real estate market and keep pace with the state plan, the company decided to contribute to the development of the new administrative capital by providing distinctive projects that meet the desires and needs of its customers.

    Previous work of Al-Aziz Real Estate Development Company

    • It established the Al-Yasmeen neighborhood.
    • The third district in Beit Al Watan.
    • It implemented an asphalt plant in the Fifth Settlement.
    • Al Jazeera Road; which connects the Fifth Settlement to Ain Sukhna.
    • The entire Gamal Abdel Nasser road in October.
    • The Global Village in the Sixth of October City.
    Al-Aziz Company’s business in commercial and residential:
    • The Mall in the northern 90th Street.
    • The Al-Aziz Building Project in front of Al-Rehab City.
    • The villas of the second district.
    • It has also constructed Gardenia buildings.
    • And Al-Aziz factory in the industrial zone of the Fifth Settlement.
    • In addition to the Al-Aziz Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Andalusia, and designed by Engineer Hassan Rashdan, the engineer responsible for designing Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Martyrs’ Mosques in the Administrative Capital
    And because it is a company that knows no end to its ambitions, it has launched a new edifice, with distinctive cultural and artistic designs, a sign of investment in the city of the New Administrative Capital, while owning, investing and enjoying in a new tower in the heart of the Administrative Capital in Down Town and live a real luxury in the Turath Mall.

    Location of Turath Tower Mall

    While the site is an element to which any customer who wants to own his own place and start his investment, especially if that site is in one of the new cities, and because the company wants the project to gain the admiration of all customers, it launches this edifice in the most distinguished and strategic location in Down Town in the new administrative capital And these are some of the advantages of Turath Mall in the new administrative capital:
    • The mall is located at the eastern entrance to the Downtown area.
    • It is characterized by a street view of 120 square meters.
    • Next to the incident directly in front of the gold market.
    • Close to the Ring Road, the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, and the new monorail train in the Administrative Capital.
    • It will be held near the Green River, the government district, the ministries complex, and the heritage and arts district in the administrative capital.

    The Design of Turath Tower Mall

    The company's board of directors announced that the mall will be built on a huge area, because it seeks to provide a wide range of services and facilities beside the investment units in it, and that space has been determined to be as follows:
    • The legacy of Tower Administrative Capital will be built on an area of 2146 m
    • It consists of ground + 10 upper floors.
    • The shops occupy the ground, first and second floors.
    • From the third to the tenth floor, administrative offices.
    While the heritage of the Tower was designed to embody different civilizations with a distinctive modern touch, and now for the first time in the administrative capital, Pharaonic, Islamic and Roman designs launched by Al-Aziz Company as a heritage overview of the ancient arts, the company made these designs with the help of the largest experts in the arts of architecture.
    The ground floor was also designed on the pharaonic heritage, and it reflects an image of the ancient Pharaonic arts. The second floor is an overview of the Roman civilization and its captivating beauty. The third floor was designed in an innovative and professional style to bear the appearance of the ancient Egyptian Islamic civilization.
    Turath Mall, the new administrative capital, a huge, distinctive and civilized interface for investment in the administrative capital city. Own your shop and your new administrative headquarters in an integrated mall in a vital and exceptional location in the Downtown and enjoy a guaranteed return in an edifice designed to be the first in the new administrative capital.

    Turath Tower Mall services and features

    The company did not forget the most important part of the project, which is the various services and facilities, but rather it provided a huge range of different services, along with a large number of various means of luxury to spend an enjoyable time inside the Turath of Tower Mall in the administrative capital, and among these services:
    • Surveillance cameras with the latest surveillance equipment.
    • Guard and security 24 hours a day.
    • Electronic portals.
    • Reception and secretariat.
    • Elevators with a large capacity and a panoramic view.
    • Escalators for ease of movement in the mall.
    • Meeting and conference rooms.
    • Bathrooms on each floor.
    • A tourist walkway.
    • Land scape.
    • The mall also has restaurants and cafes of the most famous brands.
    • Complete finishes for administrative offices.
    • Central adaptations.
    • Parking for cars.
    • A cleaning unit for the mall and the front facade.
    These are some of the services that the company has provided in the Turath Mall of the new administrative capital to make each customer feel comfortable, all your needs and requirements will be found in front of you, while all this is beside the large area that has been allocated to the green spaces that surround the tower from all sides to enjoy the view and the distinctive view while you are inside your unit in the mall Capital Turath.

    Price and spaces of units in Turath Tower Mall

    Prices of units vary according to the type and the area of each unit in addition to its location in the resort. It is noteworthy to highlight that real estate prices are subject to change with time depending on the value of the unit.

    Payment Plans in Turath Tower Mall

    While the mall is characterized by facilities up to ten years, the company offers you the Turath Mall, own and invest in a distinctive, service and integrated edifice launched by the largest real estate companies in a privileged location on the gate of Down Town, a unique opportunity that may not be repeated in front of you again, seize it and enjoy a guaranteed and safe return in the Turath Mall.
    • 10% down payment - 6 years equal installments.
    • 15% down payment - 7 years equal installments.
    • 20% down payment - equal installments over 8 years.
    • 25% down payment - equal installments for 9 years.
    • 30% down payment - equal installments of 10 years.

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Turath Tower Mall New Capital is in Downtown
The starting unit price in Turath Tower Mall New Capital is 992,000 EGP
The starting unit area size in Turath Tower Mall New Capital is 28 meters
Last update of prices and details of Turath Tower Mall New Capital on 06/20/2022
Turath Tower Mall New Capital status is Under Construction