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Green 5

Property Type Price  
Apartment 2,447,917 - 2,777,604 12,808 EGP/M2
Apartment with Garden 3,229,167 15,986 EGP/M2 Details
Penthouse 3,229,167 - 3,281,250 11,256 EGP/M2

Project Description:

The architectural design and landscaping of Green 5, is tailored towards your comfort, with a sophisticated design that has your peace of mind at heart. Lush greenery and perfectly paved roads compose 76% of Green 5’s total area, guaranteeing the privacy, serenity and security you deserve.

Spread out over 19 hectares and encompassing only 484
residential units, Green 5 is generously landscaped to ensure that
each unit enjoys spectacular, unrivaled views.
The overall design of Green 5 ensures privacy for all unit types;
whether they are multiple leveled, ground floors with a garden,
or third floor units with private access rooftops. Your privacy,
security and peace of mind are beyond compromise.


-Garages with total basement area.
-Storage & Facility rooms.
-Commercial & Entertainment Centers.
-Housekeeping Services.
-Car Wash Unit.
-Messenger Services.

Payment Facilities:

Cash & Installment


Strategically located in the heart of 6th of October, The location was chosen according to careful studies regarding its proximity to vital service areas of 6th of October city, and critical access
points (Juhayna Square, Waslet Dahshour, Cairo-Alexandria
Desert Road, Rod El Farag Axis) that enable quick and easy
access to the entirety of greater Cairo