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5,250 EGP

Prices of Apartments in Ain Shams average 5,250 EGP per square meter.

19,550 EGP

Prices of Villas in Ain Shams average 19,550 EGP per square meter.

Average price per meter in past 12 months

Neighborhood Apartments Average price per meter
Alf Maskn 7,350 EGP /M²
Ahmed Esmat St. 5,300 EGP /M²
Other Neighborhoods In Ain Shams 4,800 EGP /M²


Demand level



Price change in 12 months


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Ain Shams neighborhood... The combination of long history and civilization development

Ain Shams district is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cairo as it was full of palaces and villas that were demolished, then with the architectural encroachment, the people built many buildings and towers, which resulted in a significant increase in population density in the area.

Ain Shams was built on the remains of an archaeological area with a long history in ancient times in a city which is now known as Heliopolis.

Ain Shams district is located east of Cairo near El Salam City, El Matarya, and Heliopolis. As the neighborhood is surrounded from the north by 6th of October Street from Gisr El Suez Street in the east and from the south from Bin Al Hakam Street from Al-Tagnid Square in the east to the metro in the west, and from the east by Gisr Al-Suez Street from Al-Tagnid Square in the south to 6th of October Street in the north, and from the west by the metro line, from Helmeyet El-Zaitoun station to Ain Shams station in the north.

The total area of ​​Ain Shams area is 17 square kilometers, while the inhabited area is 5 square kilometers, and the population is 563 thousand people.

Division of Ain Shams

Ain Shams region is divided into Ain Shams al-Sharqiya and Ain Shams al-Gharbia, separated by a metro line (Al-Marg - Helwan).

Ain Shams Al Sharqiya follows Al-Nuzha neighborhood, Central Ain Shams, and Ain Shams department, and its most important streets are: Ahmed Esmat Street, Hassan Sorour Street, Adam Street, Al-Sadd Al-Aali Street, Ahmed Ismail Street, Ibrahim Abdel Razek Street, Ain Shams Street, Saab Saleh Street, Ahmed Orabi Street, Mansheyet Al-Tahrir, Alf Maskan Square and Medina Zahraa.

What distinguishes Ain Shams al-Sharqiya is a railway link between Cairo and Suez, and the entry of natural gas to all its neighborhoods since 1985.

Ain Shams Al Gharbia follows the Al-Matareya district, one of its most famous neighborhoods: Qasr Fahmy Street, famous for its vegetable market, Izzat Pasha Street, Arbaeen Street, Canal Street, and Tawfiqeya Street.

The most important residential streets in Ain Shams

Ahmed Esmat Street

One of the most famous streets of Ain Shams for linking Cairo to Qalyubia, Khanka, Al Jabal Asfar, Ezbet El Nakhl and El Marg

His fame is not limited to linking Cairo to Qalyubia, but this street had many luxurious palaces, including Yusef Kamal’s palace, in which Abdel Halim Hafez filmed one of the songs from the movie Alkhatay “The Sins”, and Ahmed Esmat Street was mentioned in Ahmed Shawki’s poems during his exile in Spain.

Ahmed Esmat neighborhood is also known as the purebred Arabian horse breeding farm formerly affiliated with King Farouk, and it is now affiliated with the Egyptian Agricultural Authority, and this farm is known as Al-Zahraa. The neighborhood is also unique in that it contains the house of Imam Muhammad Abdo, who recommended turning his house into a school, and indeed it became Mohamed Abdo Primary School.

Zahraa Street

It’s one of the mid-level neighborhoods in Ain Shams, where the apartments' space starts from 80 to 160 square meters, with super lux finishes, and a number of rooms from 2 to 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a reception.

Alf Maskan Street

It is one of the active neighborhoods of Ain Shams, and it is located at the beginning of the Suez Bridge, Ain Shams, passing through Nozha and Heliopolis.

Alf Maskan were known to be random due to the large number of street vendors and the parking of microbuses leading to traffic congestion, but it witnessed traffic developments by Nozha neighborhood, such as the opening of Ataba metro stations and Adly Mansour in addition to setting a place for the microbus stop instead of the old chaos, as well as the expansion of the Suez Bridge to a width of 22.5 meters Instead of 11.5 meters to facilitate the traffic movement.

The size of the apartments in Alf Maskan ranges from 90 to 130 square meters for the apartments and 160 square meters with the number of rooms ranging from 2 to 3 bedrooms.

Ain Shams Street

Among its most important areas is Naam Street, which includes several areas, the most important of which are Helmeya Street, Mansheyet Al-Tahrir, Qasim Pasha Street, Imam Muhammad Abdo, and Shaheen Street.

El Eshrein Street

One of the distinctive residential neighborhoods, El Eshrein Street as one of the wide streets with branching streets such as Al-Quds Street and Abu Al-Fotouh

Apartments space on El Eshrein Street ranges from 100 to 150 square meters, and there are 2 to 3 bedrooms in the apartment.

Manshyat Elsad Elaly

One of the areas between Ain Shams, Marg and Gesr ElSuez, and it is located under the administration of the ElSalam City. One of its most famous neighborhoods is ElArbean Street.

Commercial streets in Ain Shams .. Variety of commercial services is unique

Ain Shams is one of the most important commercial centers in Cairo, due to the diversity of its commercial activities. This guarantees project owners to find distinct commercial units at reasonable prices. The large population density of the neighborhood and its proximity to the heart of Cairo and the passage of several transportation lines, which guarantees your commercial project, clinic or office, a wide audience.

Among the most important commercial neighborhoods of Ain Shams are the two crossings of Ain Shams, Ezbet Al-Nakhl, Mansheyet Al-Tahrir, Ahmed Esmat Street, Al-Matareya Museum area, Ahmed Orabi, Mustafa Hafez and Talaat Harb.

Residential neighborhoods near Ain Shams

Gesr Al Suez

It is one of the most important neighborhoods in Heliopolis, and ends at the tenth of Ramadan stop. Gesr Al Suez apartments are distinguished by their average prices, and the area is close to the Alf maskan, El Harfyen, Arbaeen Street, Fifty Street, and Ahmed Esmat Street.

Among the most important features of Gesr Al Suez : ElShams Club, Badr Park, and El Salam Hotel. The value of Gesr Al Suez is increasing because it contains the school complex as well as various commercial activities, which explains the demand for real estate purchases in it.


Roxy is one of the most famous commercial squares in Heliopolis, as it has clothing stores for men, women and children with different tastes and prices suitable for most groups, in addition to well-known brands stores. Moreover, there are schools, clinics and nurseries in the area.

Roxy is one of the upper-middle residential areas, as for its location, it is close to El Korba, Maryland, Baron's Palace and the Presidential Palace.

Heliopolis Square

One of the most prestigious squares in Heliopolis, with distinctive landmarks such as Heliopolis Hospital and St. George Church.

Ain Shams borders Heliopolis neighborhood from the south, and the apartments vary in size from 90 to 160 square meters with luxurious finishes, as well as high-end villas for those who love privacy and luxury.

Al Oroba Street

Al Oroba neighborhood is an extension of Salah Salem, as it starts from Al-Orouba Tunnel to the Airport Bridge. The residential level varies between medium and high, as it has apartments and villas that suit these groups.

Among the most important landmarks of Al-Orouba neighborhood are: the famous Baron Palace, Military Academy, and the Al-Galaa Club.

El Nozha Elgdida

One of the most high-end residential areas in Heliopolis that contains affordable and medium-sized housing, the neighborhood is located near Cairo International Airport.

El Matareya

El Matareya is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Cairo, with a medium level of housing, as it is bordered by Ain Shams neighborhood from its eastern borders.

One of the most important landmarks of El Matareya is the Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University, which was initially an industrial institute in 1967, then it was transformed into the Industrial Teachers College, and then it was attached to Helwan University as the Faculty of Engineering in 1975.

Abbasiya neighborhood

It is an ancient neighborhood that attributes its name to Abbas Helmy, the first of the kings of Muhammad Ali. Abbasiya district is unique for its location in the center of Cairo and its proximity to important neighborhoods such as Hadayek El Kobba, Heliopolis, and Nasr City.

The neighborhood has medium and above average housing at reasonable prices for newlyweds and young people, in addition to its important landmarks such as Ain Shams University, the Egyptian Antiquities Authority, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Electricity and the Applied Syndicate.

Among the most important services in the neighborhood that attract housing in it:

Markets and shops

Hospitals such as Abbasiya Fever Hospital, Ain Shams Specialized Hospital, and Psychiatric Hospital.

The complex of schools and colleges, where there is the Husseiniya School, the Sacred Heart School, Ismail Qabbani School, as well as Ain Shams University.

Shubra district

Shubra district is located in the north of Cairo on an area of ​​2,800 square kilometers, and it is one of its oldest neighborhoods. Shubra district is one of the popular neighborhoods with low apartment prices.

Shubra neighborhood is linked to all areas around it through the metro station, Saint Teresa, Rawd Al-Farag and Masara stations, or by public transport.

Among the distinct residential areas in the Shubra neighborhood are: Dawaran Shubra, St. Therese, Rawd al-Faraj, Al Hamamat, Khalfawi, Khulousi, Ahmed Helmy and Toson.

Services in the Shubra neighborhood vary between hospitals such as Nasser Institute, Al-Sahel Teaching Hospital, and Ophthalmology Hospital, as well as Al-Tawfiqeya schools, in addition to its entertainment venues such as restaurants, cafes and tourist attractions.

ElSalam City

The city was established in 1977 by a decision by President Mohamed Anwar Sadat to reduce overpopulation. It is one of the first new cities near the capital.

Al Salam City overlooks both Cairo International Airport and the Nozha neighborhood in Heliopolis, in addition to its connection to a major road network such as the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road and the Ring Road.

Al Salam City is characterized by sophistication in most of its neighborhoods, as well as calm and the spread of green spaces in it and the availability of various services.

Among the most famous streets of the Al Salam City: Sadat Street - one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the city, where it is famous for its villas, 6th of October Street, and Gamal Abdel Nasser Street.

Various services in El Salam City

Schools: The schools vary between public and private, such as Mustafa Kamel Secondary School for Boys, Abu Bakr Secondary School for Boys, Women Secondary School for Boys, and the BBC International Language School.

Gardens such as Sadat Park and Espico Park.

Clubs such as the October 6 Club and the Peace Youth Center first and third.

Cinemas, hotels and Peace Stadium, the stadium for military production.

The City of Peace apartments vary in size between 70 to 220 square meters, with super lux finishes and properly utilized spaces


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Heliopolis - Masr El Gedida

Heliopolis - Masr El Gedida

  • 11,450 EGP
  • Average price per meter
El Zaytun

El Zaytun

  • 8,400 EGP
  • Average price per meter
El Mataria

El Mataria

  • 4,900 EGP
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