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22,600 EGP

Prices of Apartments in New Mansoura City average 22,600 EGP per square meter.

21,850 EGP

Prices of Villas in New Mansoura City average 21,850 EGP per square meter.

Average price per meter in past 12 months


Demand level



Price change in 12 months


Demand level



Price change in 12 months

New Mansoura, a Fourth Generation City

With the great demand for residential, commercial, and administrative real estate units in Mansoura and the lack of supply of units in Mansoura, it was necessary to build a modern city that includes housing projects of various areas and designs near Mansoura, so the New Mansoura project was established to combine upscale housing, hotels, administrative units, and commercial malls.

New Mansoura is one of the fourth-generation cities, that directly overlooks the international coastal road.

Prices of real estate units in New Mansoura have witnessed a great difference after the start of work in the city and the handing over of several projects.

Types of Real Estate Units in New Mansoura City

New Mansoura real estate units vary between residential, commercial, administrative, and hotel, which are:

  • Administrative towers and corporate skyscrapers
  • Coastal towers for hotels
  • New Mansoura regular apartments
  • Shops and commercial units.
  • Clinics and offices.
  • New Mansoura villas of various designs
  • Duplex apartments
  • Garden apartments

Services Available in New Mansoura

Many service centers have been built to serve the city, which is expected to attract a large number of residents and investors. The city has many public, private, and international schools, as well as a government central hospital and private medical centers, in addition to commercial areas and malls that include many shops.

The various services in the city aim to attract residents and vacationers from home and abroad, so that New Mansoura will be a tourist, commercial, and residential city that operates throughout the year.

Prices of Real Estate Units in New Mansoura

The prices of apartments in New Mansoura differ from their prices in Mansoura, due to what New Mansoura is characterized by in terms of services and a high level.

Also, what distinguishes New Mansoura is the ability to pay the units in installments over periods of up to 10 years with some developers.

In just five years, the prices of real estate, residential, and hotel units in New Mansoura have increased from the first offering, especially with the rapid pace of work in the city and its facilities. It is expected that the price per square meter will increase in New Mansoura with the official opening of the city and work in the tourist towers.


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