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Apartments for sale in Asyut

Asyut is one of Upper Egypt's governorates which holds a population of more than 4.4 million as of 2017. According to estimates from 2015, the governorate has a very low rate of urbanization as only 26.5 percent of the people living in Asyut don't live in rural areas while the other 1.1 million live in urban areas.

The capital is the city of Asyut which is famous for having the largest Coptic Catholic churches in Egypt. The Coptic Christians in Asyut are estimated at nearly half the population, making it one of the cities where Christians are densely residing in Egypt.

The weather in Asyut is dry, and it is classified as a hot desert. Beside Luxor, Qena, and Minya, Asyut is among the driest cities in Egypt with a big difference up to 16 degrees in temperature between day and night. A harsh winter is also present due to the continental climate that is due to the lower elevation of the cities of Upper Egypt, very cold winter can be expected in Asyut.

If you want to find apartments for sale in Asyut you have a number of cities besides the city of Asyut which is 234 miles away from the Egyptian capital, Cairo. This distance can be covered by land or rail.