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Apartments For sale in El Mostakbal City/ New Cairo - 5th Settlement

Apartments For sale in El Mostakbal City/ New Cairo - 5th Settlement

Best Apartments For sale El Mostakbal City/ New Cairo - 5th Settlement , compare with prices and photos between 5,724 Apartments of different areas. Search El Mostakbal City/ New Cairo - 5th Settlement using the map and contact the seller directly

Apartments For Sale in Mostakbal City, New Cairo


The need for new cities in Egypt has become inevitable since the level of crowding is in constant increase. Thus, there was great interest in establishing new cities with integrated services and facilities, with transportation networks, wide paved streets, green areas, entertainment, and shopping areas.  


Among the new integrated cities is Mostakbal City which is strategically located in the best areas near New Cairo, specifically at the 35th kilometer on the Ismailia Desert Road, and near the El Obour Market and El Shorouk City.  


It is characterized by the presence of many integrated and upscale compounds, with various real estate units in Mostakbal City, including apartments for sale at the best prices, fully finished, superlux or semi-finished.  


The payment system for units can be in cash or in installments over several years with flexible plans provided by the companies that own the residential complexes in the city.  


Prime Location of Mostakbal City in New Cairo 


Mostakbal City enjoys a strategic location that is considered a link between New Cairo, El Shorouk City and Madinaty. It is located at the 35th kilometer on the Ismailia Desert Road, 3 kilometers away from El Shorouk City, and about 5 kilometers away from the El Obour Market. It is also located in front of Ahmed Orabi Association for Land Reclamation.


Mostakbal City has two main gates. The first gate overlooks the Cairo-Ismailia desert road, and the other overlooks the city of El Shorouk properties and near Carrefour. 


Thus, it is easy to reach the city from several main roads. It is only about 40 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.  


Division of Mostakbal City in New Cairo 


Mostakbal City is considered one of the large new cities with an area of ​​about 11,000 acres. The green areas represent 50% of the total area of ​​the city, while the building area reaches 6,000 acres, and 2,500 acres are devoted to roads, facilities and services. The rest of the area is devoted to gardens and landscape. 


Mostakbal City is divided into two sectors, T and U, and has 5 phases:  


  • The first phase is located on an area of ​​1,490 acres

  • The second phase covers an area of ​​1,715 acres

  • The third stage is located on an area of ​​1,655 acres

  • The fourth phase covers an area of ​​2,034 acres

  • The fifth stage expands over an area of ​​3,057 acres


Available Services in Mostakbal City in New Cairo


The Mostakbal City is considered one of the new integrated cities that have a variety of services, including education services, schools and nurseries, as well as shopping areas and commercial malls in Mostakbal City. It is also home to places of worship, corporate headquarters, shops, famous restaurants and cafes.  


The city also enjoys all the main facilities of roads, electricity and water.  


Educational Services in Mostakbal City 


There is a diversity of schools in Mostakbal City in order to provide educational services suitable for all social classes, and therefore there are international, governmental and private schools. 


  • Military Sports School 

  • Gheriany International School

  • Kenana International Schools 

  • January 25 School

  • El Abtal Experimental Language School

  • Salam Modern School


Health Services in Mostakbal City 


Mostakbal City enjoys the presence of many hospitals, health centers, clinics of the most skilled doctors, as well as pharmacy branches, including: 

  • Officers' outpatient clinic 

  • Future Specialized Hospital  

  • Mostakbal City Health Office 



Entertainment and Shopping Services in Mostakbal City 


Mostakbal City includes markets, malls, places of entertainment, cinema complexes and parks, in order to ensure enjoyment for all city residents. These services include:  

  • Future Mall  

  • Sun Mall

  • Logistic Market to sell the products of the armed forces 

  • Bicycle park

  • Jasmine Club 

  • Future Club 

  • Tulip Club

  • Future Cinema


Main Roads Surrounding the Mostakbal City and Means of Transportation


The Mostakbal City is located on Cairo - Ismailia desert road, the future road in addition to a transportation network linking it to Cairo, specifically Heliopolis, where there is a bus that runs every hour to and from Hijaz Square. 


There is also public transportation heading from the city to the tenth of Ramadan station. Private transportation like Uber and Careem are also available in the city.  


Types of Units Available in Mostakbal City in New Cairo 


Mostakbal City has many residential projects and different compounds, including the youth housing project, projects for armed forces officers, in addition to the private compounds owned by the most famous companies in the real estate field. 


Therefore, there are many real estate units, including apartments, villas in Mostakbal City, apartments with gardens and duplexes, as well as penthouses and townhouses. All of these units are available in different sizes to suit everyone at the best prices in New Cairo. There are also flexible payment methods that include cash and installments. 


Features of Mostakbal City 


Investing in Mostakbal City makes you enjoy many advantages such as the availability of facilities and services in the city, its enjoyment of green spaces that make up about half of its total area, and security and safety thanks to the presence of security teams at the city gate as well as inside compounds and at the gates of buildings. 


It is a healthy Mostakbal City as it depends on the utilization of solar energy, and there is a system for recycling waste. 


The city is also far away from crowding, pollution and noise.it does not know overcrowding, as the highest height that buildings can reach is 6 floors at most. 


Mostakbal City is located in a strategic location near the most important new cities and main roads. Thus, investing in it is an opportunity for the future.  


The Most Important Compounds in Mostakbal City  


Mostakbal City has many distinct compounds in New Cairo, which provide integrated services for the comfort of the residents.These services are being offered at the best prices and the most luxurious finishes, including the following residential compounds:  


1- Vivienda Compound 


A residential project covering an area of ​​30 acres. It is located near the Suez Road, the Regional Ring Road and Madinaty. It includes wide green spaces constituting about 80% of the total area of ​​the project. It has 25 residential buildings only to avoid crowding and congestion, a matter that helps residents enjoy all the services.The compound is implemented by Heliopolis Real Estate Company. 


2- Green Square Compound  


Green Square compound located in the heart of Mostakbal City, 15 minutes from the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, and includes international schools, golf courses, gardens, and other entertainment services. The project is developed by Al-Ahly Sabbour.  


3- Golf Porto Cairo  


The Golf Porto compound expands over an area of ​​151 acres. 80% of that space has been allocated to green spaces, facilities and services in the compound. 

 The project is located in the fourth phase of Mostakbal City, near Al-Amal Road overlooking the New Administrative Capital. It is implemented by Porto Group. 


3- Neopolis Compound  


The Neopolis Compound expands over an area of ​​545 acres, and is located 10 minutes from the New Administrative Capital, about 20 minutes from Maadi and Heliopolis. It includes various real estate units coupled with integrated services. It is owned by Wadi Degla Real Estate Company.  


5- Zizinia Compound 


Zizinia Compound is located in the heart of the New Mostakbal City, along the 90th Street, near the most important axes and main roads. It is a project owned by ARDIC Developments. The compound includes many different units in type and area, amounting to 1,800 housing units.