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Apartments for Sale in The Pearl New Mansoura Compound

The Pearl New Mansoura Compound is the latest project of Safwa Urban Development. The compound is established on an area of ​​60 acres in the best locations in New Mansoura. 

It is directly located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, with a frontage of up to 550 meters along the tourist walkway and the corniche.

The Pearl is not just a residential compound, rather, it is an integrated city that contains everything the customers look for to enjoy a high-level life. 

The compound includes a hotel, medical centers in New Mansoura, swimming pools, a commercial mall with an area of ​​13,000 square meters, and a large gym with an area of ​​20 thousand square meters for all individual and collective games.

The Pearl project is unique with the first hotel in New Mansoura, which is established in an area of ​​30,000 square meters. 

This hotel is directly located on the corniche overlooking the yacht marina with international management, a large number of rooms, and hotel services at the highest level.

Prime Location of The Pearl New Mansoura Compound


When you reside in the compound, there is nothing better than a 550-meter sea-view and the yacht marina in New Mansoura. This is where the magnificent The Pearl project is located, so it enjoys one of the best locations between several streets with 100-meter wide and 25-meter wide, on both sides.

The Pearl project features an ideal location for luxurious family life, as it is close to all educational, medical, sports, commercial, and entertainment services in New Mansoura. Therefore, you will not need anything when you reside in The Pearl New Mansoura.

Types of Units in The Pearl Complex in New Mansoura


The Pearl project includes two types of housing units in New Mansoura: apartments and villas, which are spread over the area of the project. The area allocated to apartments is about 50 apartment buildings consisting of 4 floors and a ground floor. 

Each floor has 4 apartments, and each building is served by 2 elevators in addition to a roof and a private garden for each building.

As for villas in The Pearl, 150 luxurious stand-alone villas are located in a private area. 

Villas are characterized by large areas and each villa has a private garden with not less than 200 square meters of area.

Areas of Units in The Pearl Project


Safwa Urban Development Company, the developer of The Pearl project, offers its customers many choices in terms of designs and areas. 

The areas of apartments range from 97 to 215 square meters with 10 different apartment models in Dakahlia.

The areas of villas range from 280 to 375 square meters, with different designs and attention to privacy for all units.


Various Models of Apartments in The Pearl Compound


The apartments have 3 different models with areas that suit the interior design of each unit.


The First Model: it is for units on the ground floor, with an area ranging from 40 to 126 square meters. This model consists of a garden of different areas ranging from 42 to 345 square meters, 3 or 4 rooms, a reception hall, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen.


The Second Model: it is located on the first floor with areas ranging from 52 to 132 square meters. This model is located in a 4-story building with distinctive views over the green spaces.


The Third Model: it is for the distinctive apartments designed for penthouses in The Pearl, with areas ranging from 211 square meters. This model features a rooftop for parties and family meetings.


Models of Villas in The Pearl Complex

Villas in New Mansoura in The Pearl project are located in a special area near the commercial area and the hotel. 

They consist of about 50 villas divided into 3 interior areas, all overlooking the green spaces. 

They also have 3 different models with distinctive interior spaces and divisions.

The First A Model: it is for stand-alone villas that are surrounded by green spaces from all directions. Each villa consists of a ground floor with an area of 120 square meters, the first floor with an area of 145 square meters, and a roof with an area of 35 square meters, and the rest of the area is open space.

The Second B Model: it is for an independent villa consisting of a ground floor with an area of ​​152 square meters, the first floor with an area of ​​175 square meters, and a roof with an area of ​​48 square meters.

The Third C Model: it is a twin house villa with two attached units from one side and the other side is an independent garden. It consists of a guest floor with an area of 119 square meters and a garden with an area of 110 square meters, the first floor with an area of 130 square meters, and a roof with an area of 31 square meters.

Advantages of Residing in The Pearl Compound in New Mansoura


  • Permanent residence and a coastal chalet

  • A tourist corniche with a length of 14 kilometers and a width of 60 meters

  • International tourist hotels

  • Hotel services for all real estate units in The Pearl throughout the day

  • Proximity to all educational, medical in Dakahlia, and entertainment services

  • Proximity to 2 international marinas for yachts

Available Services in The Pearl Project


There are many services, such as follows:


Schools and Nurseries


  • The Japanese School in New Mansoura

  • Gamasa School Complex

  • The British School in New Mansoura

  • Gamasa Experimental School

  • New Mansoura University

  • Delta University for Science and Technology

  • Horus University for World Education

Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Medical Centers


  • Al-Amal Hospital

  • Gamasa Central Hospital

  • 333 Gastroenterology Specialist Hospital

  • Abu Al-Abbas Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment


Recreational Venues and Sports Clubs


New Mansoura includes many recreational areas, water games, an aqua park for kids and elders, cinemas, and wonderful beaches.


The Pearl Compound Club


The Pearl Compound includes a large club on an area of ​​20 thousand square meters with many games and recreational activities, such as:

  • Squash courts

  • Tennis courts

  • Football courts

  • A health club, gym, and spa

  • Tracks for running and cycling

  • Swimming pools of all sizes

  • Large gardens and landscapes 

  • International aqua park


Shops and Malls


The Pearl Compound includes a large commercial area in New Mansoura, where you can enjoy shopping all the international and local brands. The Pearl Mall has an area of ​​about 12,000 square meters, with a large facade on a 100-meter-wide street from one side, and a 60-meter-wide tourist walkway from the other.

The Pearl Mall contains cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues, and cinemas for elders and kids.

The number of the Apartments For sale in The Pearl - SUD is 66 listings
The average price per meter for Apartments in The Pearl - SUD is 13,800 EGP
The average price change in The Pearl - SUD is 19%
The types of locations in The Pearl - SUD are Duplex, Studio, Penthouse, Roof, Apartment with Garden, Full Floor