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The most famous cities that offer apartments for sale in Dakahlia

Dakahlia is one of the most popular governorates of the Delta. It is one of the most important agricultural governorates that supply Egypt with vegetables and fruits, annually.

There are many apartments for sale in Dakahlia available in the cities such as Mansoura, Talka, Mit Ghamr, New Mansoura, Sinbloin, Bani Ubaid, Aga, Belqas and Gamsa.

Mansoura is the capital of Dakahlia governorate and its most famous city, with an area of ​​371 square kilometers. It’s a historic city that was founded in the era of the Al Kamel king in the Ayyubid dynasty.  Mansoura contains several neighborhoods with a price range from economy to luxury.

Apartments for sale in Mansoura exist in affordable neighborhoods like Al Salam and Husseiniya areas, as well as luxurious neighborhoods. One of the most famous districts of Mansoura is Turel, it also offers luxury apartments for sale along the Nile in Al Mashya Al soflya.

Al-Mansoura’s most famous neighborhood is Hay Al Gamaa, which contains Mansoura University. You can get apartments for sale in Hay Al Gamaa at reasonable prices.

You can find apartments for sale in Mansoura, or own an apartment in New Mansoura, which is the natural extension of the old city of Mansoura.

Meanwhile, Talkha is located west of the Nile, which is the gateway to several other governorates such as Damietta, Port Said, and Kafr El-Sheikh. It extends for 288 square kilometers and has a population of about 95,300. Talkha is famous for the marble, electricity, fertilizer and agricultural industries. It produces potatoes and rice extensively. Now you can easily find apartments for sale in Talkha at affordable prices, and you can find apartments sale in New Mansoura with wonderful facilities at medium prices.