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Egypt is famous for a group of charming coastal cities with the most beautiful beaches, which made it in strong competition with its counterparts in other countries, and one of the most prominent new cities that has succeeded in attracting attention recently due to the huge achievements it is witnessing is the new city of El Alamein.


More Information about New Alamein City


The area of ​​the new city of El Alamein is about 48,000 acres, with a depth of more than 60 kilometers south of the coastal strip. The new city of El Alamein is one of the most popular coastal cities in the recent period due to the great interest in the city, which led to the spread of many huge projects, whether residential units in El Alamein or commercial or recreational.


Prime Location of the New Alamein City Project on the North Coast


The new city of El Alamein belongs to the Marsa Matrouh governorate, as it is located within the administrative borders of the Marsa Matrouh governorate, with a length of 48 kilometers from the Alex-Matrouh international road. The city is characterized by its direct view of the Mediterranean Sea, with a distance of 14 km.


Advantages of the New City of El Alamein 


The new city of El Alamein is characterized by a large part of the features that made it one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Egypt at all, which made a large proportion of the high-class in the community accept it to enjoy a wonderful time and an unparalleled vacation.


The most important of these features are the following:


  • The distinguished strategic location on the Alexandria - Matrouh road, which made it located near both Alexandria Governorate and Marsa Matrouh Governor at the same time, and also near the North Coast

  • The huge tourist promenade with a large selection of shops, restaurants, and cafes with a high level of service and quality

  • The presence of a drinking water plant, which is the first of its kind with condensation technology, with a production of 100,000 liters of water per day, is one of the most prominent features of the new city of Alamein

  • The new Al Alamein Towers, located at the entrance to the city, simulates the famous Dubai towers with a huge height of 41 floors and elegant glass facades

  • A huge international medical center with an area of ​​44 acres to provide a high level of integrated health care to the city's population is expected to reach 3,000,000 people

  • International hotels with modern services that make your life more enjoyable and luxurious with distinctive direct views of the sea. The total area of ​​hotels in the new city of Alamein is about 296 acres

  • A world-class conference center with the latest technological equipment to receive international European conferences in a specially designed venue


Integrated Services Available in the New Alamein City


The new city of Alamein includes a large number of services, whether educational, medical, commercial, or recreational for the residents residing in it, as well as its frequent visitors, and these services are as follows:


Schools and Universities in New Alamein City


The new city of El Alamein has been interested in providing many schools to give a great opportunity for its residents to get great places for their children, as there are many international schools and universities such as El Alamein University for Science and Technology and the Arab Academy for Technology and Maritime Transport.


Hospitals and Medical Centers 


The New Alamein City has been keen to provide medical service and health care at the highest level to preserve the health and safety of its residents, so there are a large number of hospitals, medical centers, and pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day such as Dar Al Fouad Hospital.


In addition to many pharmacies such as Dr. New Nabil, Safwat Pharmacy, Farouk Pharmacy, Seif Al-Mirghani Pharmacies, Al-Madina Pharmacy, Khalaf Pharmacies, George Pharmacy, Kiwan Pharmacies, Dr. Wafia Abdulaziz, Al-Haramain Pharmacy.


Important Commercial Centers in the New City of Alamein


The new city of El Alamein includes many shops and huge malls that work to meet the needs of residents or in the tourist villages and the surrounding compounds. 


One of the most famous commercial malls in the city of El Alamein is O Mall, which is located after the entrance to Al-Massa Hotel, and some called that mall the industrial cloud, where the entire roof of the mall is a shape of the sky and clouds that make you feel like you are on the roof of a giant skyscraper.


In addition to the new Palm Hills Mall, which is the first commercial mall established in the city of El Alamein, the mall consists of a ground floor, a first floor, and a second floor, and it includes a very large number of shops, restaurants, and cafes.


Entertainment Services in New Alamein City


The new city of El Alamein is famous for being a city of great beauty and splendor due to its distinguished location directly overlooking the sea, which helped it to include a large number of recreational places that give residents a wonderful atmosphere of luxury and enjoyment. 


These places are represented in a large tourist walkway nearly in length as the Alexandria Corniche It houses many restaurants, cafes, and shops.


In New Alamein there are many different sports fields such as football fields, tennis, and basketball courts, there is also the El Alamein Museum, which tells the history of the city, in addition to the city of arts and culture, which covers an area of ​​about 190 acres.


It includes many cinemas, theaters, and an opera house, there is also a large library similar to the Library of Alexandria in terms of size and luxury, which includes a very large number of books in different languages, disciplines, and cultures.


The Most Famous Residential Compounds in New Alamein City


The new city of Alamein has a great advantage, which is its strategic location directly on the sea, which provided a great opportunity for investors and real estate companies to search for great places to set up amazing residential compounds, the most prominent of which are:


Mazarine Compound


Mazarin Compound is located in the heart of Mazarin Village at km 107 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road. The area of ​​Mazarin Village is about 706 acres, while the area of ​​Mazarin Compound is about 72 acres, and the compound directly overlooks the Mediterranean coast to become a compound overlooking the Mediterranean coast.


The residential units in Mazarin Compound vary, where there are chalets in Mazarin Compound with areas starting from 165 square meters, apartments starting from 136 square meters, double villas starting from 324 square meters, and standalone villas starting from 360 square meters.