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What are the special things in the apartments for sale in Smouha?

Smouha is a superior city in every sense of the word, it is vibrant and different although being far from the sea, but it has one problem, the prices of apartments for sale in Smouha are high, which makes it one of the richest neighborhoods in Alexandria.

Smouha is not like other cities in Alexandria for many reasons, it is one of the few modern cities in Alex, the streets in Smouha are big and well planned, unlike most of the streets of the other older areas of Alex which are narrow.

A lot of people prefer to buy apartments for sale in Smouha due to its facilities and its infrastructure besides their preference to live in a gated community or a compound.

Smouha is located in the heart of Alexandria. It is the gateway to Alexandria from the south, which contains the airport highway. It also overlooks Sidi Gaber train station and is surrounded by many neighborhoods such as Nozha and Hadera from the west, and from the north, Al Ibrahimia, Cleopatra, Sidi Gaber, and finally Salihia from the east.

One of the most famous landmarks of Smouha is the Victor am Noel square, the Place of Ibrahimia and Agyad club.