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Apartments for Sale in West of SUMED Area in 6th of October


West of SUMED is one of the most prestigious residential areas in the 6th of October City. The Area is one of the largest residential communities in the City and is characterized by a great location on the 26th of July Axis and next to many landmarks.

The housing units within the West of the SUMED Area are characterized by good planning, large areas, and strong infrastructure. Besides, October City has many educational, medical, entertainment, and sports services that serve the residents and all visitors.

The most important of these recreational attractions is the tourist walkway that extends for more than two kilometers. It is a walkway designated for shops, cycling, entertainment, and outdoor seating, and includes many restaurants and cafes.

West of SUMED is named after its location, as the area is located to the west of the headquarters of the Arab Petroleum Pipelines Company, known as “SUMED”. The Area is known as one of the most well-organized and upscale areas in the 6th of October City.


Prime Location of West of SUMED in the 6th of October City


West of SUMED is located next to the properties of Al Motamayez neighborhood and directly on the 26th of July Axis from one side and Al-Wahat Road from the other side. It is also located to the east of Waslat Dahshur and Saad Kafafi Roads.

West of SUMED is surrounded by many landmarks in the 6th of October City, such as Al-Hosary Square and Mosque, which is 10 minutes away, Misr University for Science and Technology, which is 7 minutes away, and Mall of Arabia, which is 13 minutes away.


Overview About the 6th of October City


The 6th of October City is one of the most famous new cities in Egypt. It is located to the west of Giza and is famous for the good planning of neighborhoods, residential and industrial areas, and companies. The City is divided into about 12 neighborhoods of diverse social levels.

The housing units within the 6th of October City are various, as there are predominantly economic neighborhoods, which are developed by the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), such as social, youth, and national housing projects.

There are also medium neighborhoods, such as those spread around and near the square and Mosque of Al-Hosary. These neighborhoods are characterized by low-rise buildings, good planning, and always available services. 

Furthermore, there are high-end and premium neighborhoods, which include villas in the 6th of October City and resorts. These neighborhoods are located in New October and October Gardens.

As for the services of the 6th of October City, there are many and varied services, such as malls, playgrounds, schools, hospitals, universities, and roads.


The Real Estate Developer of West of SUMED Area


Residential projects within the West of the SUMED Area are developed according to the system of land allocation by the city authority. Consequently, constructions are carried out according to some specific standards that preserve the general appearance of the area. The Area includes villas in West Somid, low-story buildings, mansions, many green areas, and high-end services.


Features and Services Available in West of SUMED Area


The area is distinguished by its location on the 26th of July Axis, making it one of the service centers of the City. It is also close to the other most important service areas, such as Al-Hosary, Mall of Arabia, and Mall of Egypt.

West of SUMED includes a distinguished group of educational, medical, and recreational services. The most important educational services in the area are as follows:

  • Al Firdaws Experimental School

  • Thimar Nursery

  • Winners October Nursery

  •  Marshmallow Nursery 6 October

  • Arkan-Montessori House

  • Bloom Nursery

  • First Step Nursery

In addition to many banks and business centers, such as the headquarters of the Administrative Control Authority, Mary Paul Church, Essam El-Din Mosque, Banque Misr, Cairo Bank, and Qatar Bank.

There are also many luxurious hospitals near the Area, such as Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Misr University Hospital for Science and Technology, and many Medical clinics in 6th of October City, radiology and analysis centers, and pharmacies.


Types of Units in West of SUMED Neighborhood


West of SUMED includes many luxurious villas and many four-story buildings. Also, there are apartments for sale at the highest level of services, finishes, and services.


Details About Areas and Designs in West of SUMED


The area is characterized by the designs of buildings, which do not exceed 3 or 4 floors. Buildings include apartments with different areas starting from 150 to 600 square meters.

The buildings and apartment buildings in the 6th of October City in the West of SUMED feature luxurious classic exterior designs with spacious balconies, luxurious entrances, and a large area around buildings. There might be a garden, a garage, or a small fence surrounding the building.

As for the interior designs, the housing units are divided into several rooms and bathrooms on each floor, taking into account the many rooms overlooking the street.

West of SUMED includes apartments with an area of ​​500 square meters, which is divided into 4 rooms and a bathroom with a private garden. Also, it is possible to buy a duplex apartment with an area starting from 450 square meters and consisting of two floors with a garden and a private entrance. There are 4 rooms on each floor with bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and rooftops.


Price of Units in West of SUMED District


Prices of units vary according to the level of finishing, the surrounding services, and the type of unit of course. The price per square meter in apartments in the 6th of October City reaches EGP 7,750, while the price per square meter in villas reaches EGP 13,500.


Advantages of Living in West of SUMED


Life in the West of SUMED has many advantages that make customers compete to buy properties in West Somid. West of SUMED is the first distinctive area in the 6th of October City and is close to the most important landmarks and distinguished services, such as universities, malls, sports clubs, schools, companies, and recreational areas.

West of SUMED is also characterized by high-end housing units, including apartments, villas, and private homes, as well as many companies, banks, and sports clubs. Additionally, it is close to the most important main roads, such as the 26th of July Axis, Al-Wahat Road, and Waslat Dahshour Road.

West of SUMED is also close to the properties of Sheikh Zayed City and its distinctive recreational and commercial areas. It is just 10 minutes away from the City.


Features of the 6th of October City


The 6th of October City is one of the most famous new cities and has many features, including:


  • A privileged location near Cairo and Giza

  • Services of all kinds at any time

  • Wide roads and easy transportation

  • Good planning of neighborhoods