Apartments For sale in Katameya/ New Cairo - 5th Settlement

Apartments For sale in Katameya/ New Cairo - 5th Settlement

Best Apartments For sale Katameya/ New Cairo - 5th Settlement , compare with prices and photos between 305 Apartments of different areas. Search Katameya/ New Cairo - 5th Settlement using the map and contact the seller directly

Apartments For Sale in Katameya


Some people may imagine that New Cairo is designed to target customers from high standards of living  as well as large investments, leaving no place for medium investments. The reason lurking behind such belief is that the projects that had gained wide popularity in recent years were huge ones and the average price per square meter rose significantly, a matter that gave people an incomplete picture of real estate prices in the city. 


Conversely, properties in New Cairo target different categories, and can suit various purchasing capabilities, as it includes youth housing, medium housing, and upscale housing.the properties' spaces in katameya within it start from the studio with limited space and reach to duplexes and large villas.  


One of the most important areas of New Cairo, which is characterized by this diversity is the Katameya area, which contains many residential complexes that are characterized by a variety of prices and housing options. If you are interested in searching for apartments for sale in New Cairo in Katameya, this article  will help you get the most important information about this area. 


Prime Location of Katameya Area in New Cairo 


The Katameya neighborhood is located in the southwest of Cairo governorate. it is considered an extension of some vital neighborhoods in Cairo, such as the eastern neighborhood of Maadi and the middle plateau district in Mokattam.  The Kattameya area is in the heart of some of the famous neighborhoods and compounds in New Cairo, and it is close to the most important roads and main axes such as the Ring Road, Saad Zaghloul Corridor and Mohamed Farid Street. Thanks to this privileged location, the Katameya area is easily accessible from all regions of Greater Cairo. 


Among the main landmarks in the Katameya area are: Al Noor Mosque, Al Haramain School, Kuwait Institute and the Higher Institute for Administrative Sciences. 



Details of Properties in the Katameya Area 


The Katameya area is divided into 5 main parts: the Arab Company area, El Nasr area, the Nile region, the Mahmoudiya area, and the Giza area. Each of these areas contains a large group of closed residential complexes, each with its own style and specifications that distinguish it from others. 


Available Services in Katameya Area 


The distinctive location of the Katameya area near the center of New Cairo allowed its residents to benefit from all the available services there without having to leave New Cairo to get a certain service. 


Educational Services and Schools in and Near the Katameya area


The most important thing that must be taken into consideration while purchasing a housing unit in a particular neighborhood is the neighborhood’s proximity to a group of educational services, such as nurseries, schools and universities. 



  • The Little Fairy Preschool: It is located in Al-Yasmeen neighborhood, next to Salah El-Din School, in the First Settlement 

  • Italian Academy of Angeli: It is located in the Mirage City area near Green Heights Language School, First Settlement  

  • IKid Academy: It is located in the South Academy neighborhood in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo

  • Kids Center Academy: It is located in El Narges Buildings, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo

  • MasterMind International Academy: It is located in the Southern Investors neighborhood, near the fence of the Petrified Forest area




  • Concordia International French School: It is located in Al-Banafseg neighborhood in the Fifth Settlement

  • Cornell International School: It is located in the second district of the Fifth Settlement

  • Irish School: It is located in the second district of the third neighborhood in the Fifth Settlement 

  • Dr. Nermin Ismail School: It is located next to the Police Academy in the First Settlement 

  • Metropolitan School: It is located in Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, next to the Police Academy  


Hospitals and Pharmacies in Katameya 


Among the most important hospitals and medical clinics in the New Cairo area:  

  • Queens Royal Hospital: It is located behind the Air Force Hospital on 90th  Street, Fifth Settlement, and provides health care in various specialties

  • Air Force Specialized Hospital: It is located in the Fifth Settlement, specifically on 90th  Street, and includes all medical specialties in Katameya

  • Nasayaem Hospital: It is located within walking distance from Medical Park on North 90th  Street

  • Al Tabib Medical Center: It is located in the Fifth Settlement. it provides medical care in more than one specialty, in addition to containing an emergency department

  • Tabarak Hospital: It is located in the first settlement, and provides medical care for women and newborns


Commercial Areas, Shops, and Entertainment Venues in Katameya 


The New Cairo area contains a large number of basic services in addition to major commercial centers and malls that provide a lot of entertainment services.


Among the most important commercial malls in New Cairo:


  • Downtown Katameya Mall: It is located next to the main 90th  Street in New Katameya City

  • Maximum Mall: It is located in North 90th Street in New Cairo 

  • Centro Mall: It is located at the intersection of North and South 90th Street

  • Cairo Festival City Mall: It is located in the first settlement, and intersects with 90th Street

  • Meeting Point Mall: It is within walking distance from the American University in Cairo (AUC) and Future University in Egypt (FUE)  


Major Roads and Transportation 


In order to facilitate transportation to and from the areas of New Cairo, the government has developed the main roads  leading to this area. Among the most important roads are: the Ring Road, Suez Road, Mosheer Tantawi and el Shaheed axis.


In addition, public transport buses have been provided with routes to various areas of New Cairo, especially the Mwasalat Misr Bus, to reduce the time and effort. It is easy to get additional transportation services in New Cairo, such as the private car  service (Careem and Uber), as it is available at any time and from anywhere within the city. 


Areas and Types of Properties in Katameya Area  


The Katameya area includes a large number of residential complexes (compounds), where you will find all the spaces and types of housing units that you are looking for, such as studios, apartments, standalone villas in Katameya, twin houses and other units. All of them are available in different price categories, so that all those looking for apartments for sale in Katameya can get what suits them. 


The Most Important Compounds in Katameya Area


Katameya Gate Compound 


It is a residential compound by Memaar Al Morshedy Company, providing more than 2500 housing units. it contains residential units of up to 200 square meters, and the compound is characterized by its containment of large green areas.  


Skyline Compound 


One of the most important projects in the Katameya area by Memaar Al Morshedy. It offers residential units starting from 59 square meters up to 200 square meters. The compound is distinguished by its presence within minutes from the Mokattam and Nasr City neighborhoods, in addition to its proximity to the Ring Road. 


One Katameya Compound  


One Katameya Compound is One of the most prestigious residential projects in Katameya. It is built in the Dutch style. The compound has nearly 30 residential towers. It includes residential units that start from 71 square meters up to 231 square meters.  


Katameya Plaza Compound 


It was established under the supervision of Sodic Real Estate Development Company. It includes approximately 474 residential units, varying between apartments, villas in New Cairo, and duplexes, with areas ranging from 150 square meters to 300 square meters. These units are semi-finished or fully finished.  


Katameya Hills Compound  


Katameya Hills Compound was established under the supervision of Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company. It contains apartments with an area starting from 200 square meters, and villas with an area of ​​500 square meters. The compound is also close to 90th Street and the American University in Cairo (AUC).