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Properties for Sale in Al-Rehab City in New Cairo

Al-Rehab area in New Cairo is one of the distinguished residential areas, which is the first comprehensive and integrated residential compound in Egypt, developed by Talaat Moustafa Group.


The area of the ​​Al-Rehab neighborhood reaches 10 million square meters, and it is divided into many well-planned residential areas, and all basic, recreational, educational, medical, and other services are available.


Al-Rehab neighborhood is characterized as a closed neighborhood with several gates, unlike the neighborhoods of Greater Cairo, which are connected through the usual roads and axes and are not separated by anything.


Prime Location of Al-Rehab City in New Cairo


Al-Rehab neighborhood in New Cairo is located on the Cairo-Suez road directly and next to the Madinaty project, 10 minutes from Heliopolis and Nasr City properties on the Cairo-Suez Road and 20 minutes from downtown Cairo via the Ring Road to Cairo-Suez Road.


Details of Properties in Al Rehab City in New Cairo


Al-Rehab City includes a variety of real estate, including apartments and luxury villas in Greater Cairo, with all spaces and designs that suit many tastes and possibilities.


The areas of residential apartments in Al-Rehab city start from 50 square meters up to 300 square meters and are distributed over the ten phases of the project.


The apartments are located within Al Rehab City in 5-story buildings, including a ground floor, and there are many models of buildings, with a view of green spaces and a sufficient distance between them and the neighboring buildings, which provides privacy for all units.


As for the villas within Al Rehab City, they are available in 31 distinct designs with various spaces starting from 174 square meters up to 600 square meters, half of this space is dedicated to the green spaces around the villa.


The villas of Al Rehab City are distributed in the first, second, third, sixth, and tenth phases, with innovative exterior and interior designs, expressing the spirit of Al Rehab City, which is characterized by open gardens and green spaces.


Available Services in Al-Rehab City 


Al-Rehab City was designed to be an integrated city within the city of New Cairo and within it all services, basic needs, recreational activities, green spaces, schools, medical centers in Al Rehab City, sports clubs, transportation, and others.


Educational Services in and Near Al-Rehab District 


Al-Rehab city includes 5 schools of varying levels to suit everyone and provide services to the residents of Al-Rehab and its surrounding areas, and the most important of these schools are:


  • The British School of Rehab (GEMS)

  • Future Language School (FLS)

  • The German School of Rehab Deutsche Schule 

  • The French School of L'Ecole de l'Avenir

  • Othman bin Affan school

  • Caramel Nursery

  • Cambridge School of Music


Clinics, Hospitals, and Pharmacies in Al Rehab


Al-Rehab 2 serves a medical center that includes all specialties and provides medical services in Cairo throughout the day for residents and visitors, in addition to many private clinics and specialized centers such as radiology, analyzes, pharmacies, and others.


Commercial Areas, Shops, and Entertainment Venues in Al-Rehab District


Al-Rehab city contains many commercial areas in Cairo and open markets that meet the needs of the residents of everything they need throughout the day and the most important of these centers and commercial areas:


  • Open area restaurants: a large area that includes branches of all international and local restaurants

  • Al-Rehab Market: A large open market that includes many shops and service centers such as car maintenance, selling handicrafts, and some craft workshops

  • Al-Rehab Mall: It is one of the commercial centers of Al-Rehab and is located in the first phase of the city and includes many shops and recreational activities for children, and there are two branches inside Al-Rehab City; Al-Rehab Mall 1, Al Rehab Mall 2

  • The Eastern Market: It is a large market located next to Gate No. 23 and includes shops selling fresh vegetables, meat, and other necessities for residents

  • City Square: One of the finest commercial centers in Al Rehab, where it is located in the middle of a large green area and covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters. It provides an opportunity for strolling and enjoying the outdoors, the dancing fountain, and some activities for children


There are also many commercial centers and malls in the modern city of Al-Rehab, which were established to keep pace with the increasing population and to meet all the needs of the residents inside and outside Al-Rehab city. Among these new malls are Al-Rehab Avenue Mall, Al-Rehab City Gate, and Al-Rehab Boulevard.


Areas and Types of Properties in Al-Rehab City


The types and spaces of real estate within Al Rehab City vary to include residential apartments in Cairo, small studios, and large units. There are also luxury villas with spaces that suit all needs.


Apartments in Al Rehab


The apartments within Al Rehab City are distributed over the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, and tenth phases, and their areas start from 50 m² up to 300 m².


Villas Al Rehab City


Al-Rehab City includes many models of standalone villas, which start from 174 m² up to 600 m² and come in classic and modern designs to suit all tastes, with a large garden surrounded by green space.


Features of Al-Rehab City in New Cairo


Al-Rehab District is the most prestigious neighborhood in New Cairo and has many advantages that make it the most famous of new residential projects and compounds despite the passage of many years since its establishment by Talaat Moustafa Group (TMG).


Among the most important features of Al-Rehab District:


  • Its prime location next to the ring road

  • Its good division and availability of services throughout the day.

  • It is a self-contained residential area in which all services are combined.

  • It offers apartments and standalone villas of the highest standard.

  • Fantastic social prestige.

  • It combines the features of the compound and the open city.


The Most Important Compounds Near Al Rehab City


Many compounds and other residential compounds are located near the Al-Rehab area, and these areas are the most important tributaries of Al Rehab City, as they are located opposite and around it everywhere. 


Al-Rehab City is also a source of services for all these areas, as it uses all commercial areas, entertainment areas, and services in Al Rehab City, due to its availability Throughout the day and high quality.


Among these compounds:


Acacia Compound: It is one of the compounds in the Northern Investors Area, and it is located on Sadat Axis Road, opposite Gate 6 of Al Rehab District.


North Investors District: It is one of the neighborhoods of New Cairo City and is located between the axes of Mustafa Kamel and Tahrir. It includes a group of the most famous residential projects in New Cairo, such as Bellagio Compound, Zizinia Gardens Compound, Emerald Park Compound, and Saraya Compound.


Waterway Compound: one of the most prestigious and famous residential projects in New Cairo, located in the Northern Investors’ area, directly on the Mohamed Naguib axis.


The Waterway Compound is developed by Idea Verde for real estate investment and covers an area of ​​30 acres and includes very distinctive commercial and residential units.


El Koronfol Villas Neighborhood: One of the most important villa areas in New Cairo. It is located next to the Al-Rehab extension on northern 90th Street, and one of its most important areas is the Sharbatly Villas area.


Al-Rehab Extension: One of the residential areas attached to Al-Rehab district, located on the Nasr axis and the new Al-Rehab City Authority.