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12,600 EGP

Prices of Apartments in Mokattam average 12,600 EGP per square meter.

16,550 EGP

Prices of Villas in Mokattam average 16,550 EGP per square meter.

Average price per meter in past 12 months

Neighborhood Apartments Average price per meter
Compounds In Mokattam 17,500 EGP /M²
Ashgar Neighborhood 15,700 EGP /M²
Diplomats 15,600 EGP /M²
Cornich El Mokatam 14,950 EGP /M²
Street 9 14,100 EGP /M²
El Nafora Sq 13,800 EGP /M²
Al Hadaba Al Olya 13,400 EGP /M²
South Zone C 13,300 EGP /M²
El Hadabah El Wosta 11,350 EGP /M²
Fifth Neighbourhood 11,050 EGP /M²
Sixth Neighborhood 10,450 EGP /M²
El Mokattam Street 10,300 EGP /M²
Neighborhood Villas Average price per meter
Cornich El Mokatam 24,000 EGP /M²
Compounds In Mokattam 19,600 EGP /M²
Street 9 14,650 EGP /M²
El Mokattam Street 14,100 EGP /M²
Al Hadaba Al Olya 12,650 EGP /M²
El Hadabah El Wosta 12,300 EGP /M²


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Price change in 12 months


Demand level



Price change in 12 months

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This neighborhood was named after Mokattam mountain, it’s located in the absolute center of Greater Cairo. Mokattam is divided into three main plateaus: upper, middle and lower plateau. Mokattam is known for its calmness and moderate temperature especially at the summer due to its altitude. The neighborhood has some slum areas, like Masaken El Zelzal which were built for those affected by 1992 earthquake. Some areas were previously thought to be in danger of collapse, but scientific researches proved it is completely safe. Mokattam offers several residential levels, but generally most of its neighborhoods offer upper-middle level housing. Mokattam has a number of landmarks like Fountain Square and St. Simon Monastery. The neighborhood is easy to access as it is surrounded by Nasr road, Salah Salem road, and Ring road, which make it easier to get in and out of the area.

About Al Mokattam

It is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Cairo. It is one of the southern neighborhoods of the capital, which include Al-Sayyida Zainab, Old Cairo, Al-Khalifa, Al-Basateen, Dar Al-Salam, Helwan, Maadi, and May 15.

Al Mokattam neighborhood is divided into three sections or hills: the lower plateau, the middle plateau, and the upper plateau. According to the latest statistics in 2016, the population of Al Mokattam was about 142,000, and the total area of ​​Al Mokattam is about 36,000 km.

Location of Al Mokattam neighborhood

The distinctive location of Al Mokattam above the mountain, elevated from the rest of Cairo neighborhoods and overlooking a large part of the Giza Governorate, has also helped in attracting a large number of those who search for housing units, whether for ownership or renting. It also helped the owners who have tendency to investment to own units, whether residential, service or administrative. It is well-known that the transportation network, whether from the neighborhood or from outside, supported the decision to live in Al Mokattam, so you find the city very close to Heliopolis and the city center.

Al Mokattam neighborhood is specifically located in the south of Cairo, between many important roads and axes in Cairo, such as the Ring Road, Nasr Road, Salah Salem Road, Ramses extension - Nasr City Road, the axis of the Field Marshal Tantawi, the axis of the martyr and the Autostrad Road.

The neighborhood also lies in the middle of a group of the most important areas in Greater Cairo, such as Al Sayeda Zeinab, New Maadi, Nasr City, Al-Abagiya, Al-Khalifa, Giza, and the Fifth Settlement. Therefore, some people consider it as a distinctive neighborhood in Cairo in terms of location, as it overlooks the most important neighborhoods and go beyond to the Giza pyramids because of its elevation, which gives it an additional advantage.

Advantages of Al Mokattam

On top of its advantages is the infrastructure, specifically water, electricity, telecommunications networks, whether wired or wireless, and sanitation. Also, there is another group of advantages, including the expansion of streets and the multiplicity of transportation lines, which connect the area with many areas such as Helwan, Heliopolis, Nasr City, the Settlement and New Cairo.


Al Mokattam neighborhood has previously witnessed great care by the government, whether in terms of establishing new urban communities or developing and raising the efficiency of services in the neighborhood, especially infrastructure and facilities. The water problem was solved by establishing water-raising and purifying stations for the neighborhood and by increasing their capabilities. As for gas service, the service is provided in the upper plateau, Masaken El Zilzal, the central plateau, as well as in the first, second and seventh neighborhoods. Studies are underway to finish work in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth neighborhoods. Additionally, 850 trees and 32,050 perennial shrubs were planted in the neighborhood.

Also, ​​13,500 square meters of area was paved in the following places: Nidaa Al-Haq Mosque Street in both directions, which were covered with tar creating a surface asphalt layer. Therefore, efficiency of the street was raised and a new axis was created to relieve pressure on Street 9 passing through Cairo and Giza housing areas. Also, El-Shaima School for boys Street, connecting to the bus stop and Masaken Alexandria, was covered with tar and asphalt.


One of the best features of Al Mokattam is the availability of transportation to any destination in Cairo and Giza; all the time and at any hour of the day. On one hand, there are public transportations that work about 16 hours a day and carry citizens to and from Al Mokattam via lines to Greater Cairo, Nasr City, New Cairo, Giza, Al-Sayyida Zainab and the downtown.

There are also private transportations (microbus) that cover more and farther areas and operate 24 hours a day. Microbuses are available in all areas of Al Mokattam, especially on Street 9.


Al Mokattam roads are characterized by wideness and good infrastructure. The mountainous nature of the area allowed the rainwater not to stagnate on the roads and slide down the mountain, making it the only area in Cairo witnessing traffic flow during the heavy rainy seasons.

The most famous streets in Al Mokattam is Street 9, which goes through Al Mokattam wholly; from the entrance to Nasr City to the entrance to Giza and the Citadel district.

Services in Al Mokattam neighborhood

Having mountainous nature and being higher than the areas of Cairo, Al Mokattam became a self-service area and independent from the rest of all areas. In Al Mokattam, there are many various schools (governmental, official, experimental, languages ​​and international) with various levels (nursery, primary, preparatory and secondary). Also, there are many hospitals, private clinics, specialized medical centers, laboratories and pharmacies, as well as places of entertainment such as restaurants, cafes and clubs.

Educational services in Al Mokattam neighborhood:

The most important schools in Al Mokattam neighborhood are the French Experimental School in the Central Plateau, the Aton Language Schools in the Central Plateau, the Baron Language Schools in the First District, the Egyptian Safwa Schools of Languages ​​in the Fourth District, the Future Language Schools, the Oasis International Language Schools, Premier Academy International Schools, Remas Language Schools, Al Mokattam Elementary School, Al Mokattam Language School, Badr Private Language School, Paradise Language School, Brilliant Minds School, Future Lines Language Schools, Dar Luqman Al Hakim International School, and Rowad Al Mostaqbal Language School.

Medical services in Al Mokattam:

The most important hospitals in Al Mokattam are Tabarak Children's Hospital, located in Al Nafoura Square, Dar Al Umm Specialist Hospital, located at 31 Street 9 in Al Nafoura Square, Al Mokattam Specialized Hospital, located at the end of Street 9 before Al Mafariq Square, Al Rakhawi Hospital for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment, located in Street 12, and Al Jamila Hospital, located in Masjid Bilal Street and off Street 9 in front of Misr Insurance Club.

The most important specialized medical centers in Al Mokattam is Bait Al Hamad Specialized Clinics, besides Al Nafoura Square, Al Radwan Specialized Clinic, Al Mokattam Clinic, Al Razi Specialist Center of Mastoura Mosque, at Street 9 and in front of Al Nasr Buildings, and Al-Safwa Medical Center for Oncology, at Street 9. Moreover, there are many different radiology and analysis centers, such as Al-Mokhtabar, Al-Burj, Alpha and Taiba, etc. There are also branches of the most famous pharmacies in Egypt, such as El-Ezaby, Seif, Al-Morshedy, Al-Majd, Misr and Fouda.

Recreational services in Al Mokattam

Al Mokattam is distinguished by being higher than all areas in Cairo, which made it a tourist attraction. It is visited by many tourists who go to Al Mokattam Corniche especially, which is an open park with a large area for sitting, spending enjoyable time and watching Cairo and Giza from the mountain.

Al Mokattam Gardens Development Project:

It is an educational, cultural, entertainment, and commercial sports complex in Al Mokattam. It will be carried out by the Nasr Housing and Development Company, in cooperation with an Emirati-Indian company, to make use of the land of central plateau. The project's area is ​​750 thousand meters.

The project aims at developing Al Mokattam Gardens in order to develop 66 parks whose areas range from 3 to 100 thousand square meters. The company is also preparing itself to implement the largest tourist, hotel, administrative, residential, and entertainment project in Egypt at all. The project will be in Al Mokattam plateau, on a plot of terraces with a length of 3 kilometers and within the limits of the company's franchise. It is one of the most important entertainment projects in Cairo, as it is expected to create a commercial and entertainment attraction area, whether for residents or visitors.

Al Mokattam planning

On the map, Al Mokattam is divided into 7 areas: 3 are old, namely A, B, C; and 4 are modern, namely D, E, F, G. Area A is the Corniche, while B is the area that follows the Corniche, and C is an area around the Insurance Company Club, the Central of Al Mokattam, Al-Quds Mosque and Skoda. It is the best in housing, with wide organized streets and remarkable calmness. As for Area D, it extends from Al-Nafoura Square to Shell Gas Station. Area E is a side part of Street 9. Area E starts from Al-Jazeera Institute and ends at Al Mafariq Square within Masaken El Zilzal.

Al Mokattam neighborhood landmarks

One of the most important landmarks in Al Mokattam is the Corniche. It is the main outlet for the area, where many people visit it to spend enjoyable time in the open air and enjoy panoramic views over Cairo.

  • Al Nafora Fountain Square: it is one of the landmarks of Al Mokattam. It is located at the beginning of Street 9 from the entrance to the castle. The surrounding area is characterized by the high standard of living and quality of services, as there are many famous restaurants and cafes. Residential units are characterized by good planning and there are some villas, as well as paved and wide side streets.

  • Al Mokattam Sports Club: it is one of the most important sports monuments in Al Mokattam. It was established in 1989 AD in the Upper Plateau area on Street 9. It is registered in Ministry of Youth and Sports. Area of ​​the club is 27,000 meters (6.3 acres), and the number of members is 1,700 family memberships. Al Mokattam Sports Club contains many facilities such as:

1. A social building of 3 floors that includes sitting rooms for members, as well as function rooms and administrative offices.

2. Swimming pool building (a 25-meter training swimming pool with kid's pool attached, locker rooms, bathrooms, a cafeteria, as well as a gym).

As for halls, there is a gymnasium, in addition to a group of playgrounds:

1. Three artificial turf Five-a-side football playgrounds.

2. Multiple artificial turf playgrounds.

3. Three soft acrylic playgrounds are being implemented.

4. 2 volleyball courts are being turned into 1 ground tennis court and 1 volleyball court.

5. A walking track is being implemented by the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI).

6. Tile basketball court.

The club contains a group of recreational areas such as:

1. Night area and gardens for members to enjoy sitting.

2. A seating area is being implemented for members (Champs Elysees).

3. Various amusement parks for children.

4. Cafeteria.

Many sports are actively practiced in the club, such as:

Football, handball, basketball, volleyball, karate, kung and fu, taekwondo, judo, gymnastics, swimming, bow and arrow and ground tennis.

Residential areas in Al Mokattam neighborhood

Long live Egypt city:

The "Long Live Egypt" city project in Asmarat neighborhood in the central plateau of Al Mokattam is one of the most important achievements during the current period. A civilized residential community was established and includes all facilities and services for the people of slums and dangerous areas, on top of which is Al Duweqa. Many families are currently accommodated in it.

The integrated city of "Long Live Egypt" in Asmarat area in Al Mokattam includes 3 basic stages: "Asmarat 1", "Asmarat 2" and "Asmarat 3". The first and second phases have been completed, and the third phase is underway. Foundations and concrete pillars of the third phase have been completed with nearly 30% of the target. The first and second phases have 11 thousand housing units ready for opening. The unit area is 63 square meters, fully finished, in addition to service areas. There are 140 commercial stores, 3 nurseries, 3 health units, 4 football fields, amusement parks, 2 children's parks and a modern elementary school.

"Asmarat 2" includes a commercial service complex, an open theater, a cultural center, a firefighting station, a police station, and a mosque that can accommodate thousand persons.

"Asmarat 3" consists of 124 apartment buildings, with a ground floor and 9 recurring floors including all services. There are 7,440 housing units in total, a technical education school, a service area, an official playground, 2 multi-playgrounds, a children's park, and a varied service area.

Compounds in Al Mokattam neighborhood

Compounds are concentrated in the Middle Plateau area in Al Mokattam neighborhood, where the distinctive location factor was important for investors who sought a good location for distinctive residential and commercial projects. Middle Plateau is located on the Maadi Ring Road and near all the vital places in Cairo. It includes many diverse residential projects, whether in spaces, designs, or levels.

  • Next Point Compound: it is the latest project of the Next Home Real Estate Development Company in the Eastern region of the Middle Plateau in Al Mokattam. Next Point Compound is unique in the best locations, as it is located near Maadi Ring Road, behind the Shooting Club, and near many vital and important facilities, such as hospitals, universities, and schools. It is also located near Bin Masoud School, Jana Dan School, Modern University for Technology & Information (MTI), and is a few minutes away from the highway.

Next Point Compound is characterized by many services, most importantly the interior green space, with area reaching 12,000 square meters, various swimming pools, pharmacies and equipped medical centers that work throughout the day, pet care services, home care services, entertainment areas for adults and children, a Large social club, kids area, ladies and gents gym, sauna, jacuzzi, and beauty center.

Moreover, there are café area, restaurants, many shops, and administrative offices in the commercial walkway. Inside the compound, there are many banks to provide banking services, private places to hold parties, and many private garages for cars and bicycles, as well as many nurseries and international schools. The compound is characterized by using clean energy (solar energy) to illuminate gardens and all outdoor spaces. The compound is also surrounded by electronic gates and security services to safeguard the compound throughout the day.

  • Degla View Compound: it is implemented by Memaar Al Morshedy Company, which is a leading company in the field of real estate development and construction and has many successful projects. Degla View Compound is located at the entrance of Al Mokattam, next to Maadi Club and Shooting Club. Therefore, it is close to all vital areas in Cairo.

The company that implements the Compound made sure that it contains many high-quality services, most importantly the various areas of the units, which starts from 122 up to 290 square meters. All facades of the residential buildings are designed with insulating glass for sunlight, and with noise and dust isolators.

Many entertainment places for children and adults were also carefully designed to ensure the comfort of residents. Also, there are luxurious shopping mall and a luxurious furniture exhibition, in addition to a large artificial lake in the middle of the residential buildings; famous for its stunning beauty and wonderful appearance.

  • Family Home Compound: it is an upscale and high-end residential project to be implemented by Maadi Group for Investment and Real Estate Development. It is located in the third district of the Middle Plateau besides the Easy Sports Club.

Family Home Compound provides high-end life, green spaces and various recreational places for adults and children. Additionally, there are high-level of security and guarding system by trained teams, cameras, modern technical tools and firefighting systems.

The Compound also has garages for all units, which are organized and designed according to the latest international styles. Family Home Compound also offers many options to customers, as there are various spaces for units starting from 121 up to 210 square meters.


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Nasr City

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