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22,550 EGP

Prices of Apartments in New Galala City average 22,550 EGP per square meter.

29,950 EGP

Prices of Villas in New Galala City average 29,950 EGP per square meter.

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New Galala City location

New Galala City is an integrated city that combines industrial activities and tourism investments. The Galala project is located in Ain Sokhna at the Galala plateau, overlooking the Cairo-Ain Sukhna road and continues to the top of the plateau in Wadi Hajul, at an altitude of 770 meters.

Al-Galala Road connects the city, and the road is a crack between the rocks. The map of the Al-Jalala Plateau Road was implemented to cut rocky mountains, where rocks 230 meters high were blown up, while preserving nature and not causing an impact on the geological environment. The resulting backfill was also used to pave the road.

The roads overlooking New Galala City

It is easy to reach the city of Galala from Cairo within two and a half hours at most, through the following methods:

  • Ain Sokhna Road.
  • New Galala Road.
  • Beni Suef Road - New Zaafarana.

New Galala Plateau Project

The Galala Plateau project achieves integration between tourism investment, services and housing. The city is not limited to tourism, as it includes a developed university with several scientific and literary specializations. The city also has the Galala tourist resort, which competes with international resorts.

The cable car project was implemented in Galala to connect the mountainous part of the city with the coastal part; Thus, it is easy to move between the two regions, so the university and the residential city will be located on the plateau, while the tourist resort will be located on the coast.

The cable car in the city of Galala has two stations, 4.6 kilometers away, and is supervised by the French company Puma. It should be noted that the staff of workers and technicians are all Egyptians, and the upper station is 640 meters above sea level.

Real estate and chalets in the new city of Galala

The city's real estate varies to include residential and tourist real estate, which are:

Real estate prices in the new city of Galala

The price of a chalet or real estate in a coastal or tourist city depends on its location in the tourist village and its proximity or distance from the beach or swimming pools, and the price varies according to the type of village and the developer and its level.

The price of cash chalets in Galala is clearly lower than the prices of chalets by installments, as immediate payment has its discounts.

In general, the prices of any projected increase with the operation of the project and the delivery of most of its units, and the demand for them.

New Galala City Services

The services in New Galala make it an integrated city and not just a seasonal resort, as it includes:

  • Galala University, which includes 14 colleges.
  • A city for university housing for students.
  • Cable car to move between the mountainous and coastal areas.
  • Residential city.
  • A tourist resort overlooking the mountains and the coast.
  • Sea water desalination plant.
  • A power station and three sewage stations.
  • A restaurant complex, and an entertainment center with 8 cinemas.
  • An industrial city, including a phosphate factory and another for marble, due to its availability in the Galala Plateau.
  • A water sports city and an Olympic village.
  • Yacht port.
  • The city also aims to be an interface for international university education, in advanced colleges such as:

Galala University of Science and Technology

It consists of 15 faculties in many disciplines, in medicine, engineering, pharmacy, dentistry, and nursing. It also includes an international conference center and a place for student housing.

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University

The university occupies 100 acres and includes advanced faculties that are atypical and not found in ordinary universities, such as faculties of modern agriculture, solar and wind energy generation technology, and faculties of mining, in addition to a faculty of medicine.(Edited)Restore original


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