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Elevado Tower

Elevado Tower

New Administrative Capital

Stores 66,153 EGP/M²
Offices 24,571 EGP/M²
Clinics 23,750 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,920,000  EGP
Vida Mall

Vida Mall

New Administrative Capital

Commercial 88,608 EGP/M²
Medical 26,400 EGP/M²
Administrative 18,571 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,504,500  EGP



Apartments 10,000 EGP/M²
Duplex 10,000 EGP/M²
Penthouse 10,000 EGP/M²
Apartment with Garden 10,000 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,550,000  EGP
Seventy Mall

Seventy Mall

New Administrative Capital

Stores 74,833 EGP/M²
Commercial 59,333 EGP/M²
Green Town
Cobalt Business District

Cobalt Business District

New Cairo

Offices 51,792 EGP/M²
Plus Mall

Plus Mall

New Cairo

Stores 73,077 EGP/M²
Clinics 32,000 EGP/M²
Offices 0 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 950,000  EGP
Residence 8

Residence 8

New Administrative Capital

Apartment with Garden 15,679 EGP/M²
Apartments 13,150 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 5,300,000  EGP
Three Square Business Tower

Three Square Business Tower

New Capital

Offices 58,650 EGP/M²
Co-working space 0 EGP/M²
Properties 0 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,785,000  EGP
The Striple Walk

The Striple Walk

New Capital

Commercial 144,000 EGP/M²
Offices 51,777 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,960,000  EGP
Baroque compound

Baroque compound

New Administrative Capital

Apartments 22,000 EGP/M²
Senet Mall

Senet Mall

New Administrative Capital

Commercial 38,000 EGP/M²
Medical 31,000 EGP/M²
Offices 28,250 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 468,000  EGP
N Mall

N Mall

New Administrative Capital

Commercial 71,360 EGP/M²
Administrative 28,000 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 896,000  EGP



Apartments 6,701 EGP/M²

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Compounds in Greater Cairo

The Guide of Greater Cairo Compounds for High-end Residence


Aqarmap Compounds Guide is your comprehensive guide to getting a housing unit, a commercial or administrative property, or a suitable clinic in the compounds and malls scattered throughout the Egyptian cities. Aqarmap Guide includes all residential projects, malls, and huge commercial and administrative centers. So, this Guide will definitely help you in getting an apartment, a villa or administrative headquarters for your company in all regions of the Egyptian Republic. The Guide is about the various projects available in Greater Cairo and its suburbs, such as Nasr City, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, Maadi, El Shorouk, and Heliopolis to help you make the optimal choice of the required real estate unit. The Guide also covers other coastal Egyptian cities, Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt governorates.

Through Aqarmap Compounds Guide, you can search for an apartment, a villa or a studio with the areas you specify and want. You can also specify the search to choose offices, administrative headquarters, medical clinics or shops. Moreover, you can choose:


  • The type of property, whether it is residential, administrative or commercial.

  • The price level, whether it is economy, medium or luxurious.

  • The state of construction and the delivery date.

  • The type of finishing, whether it is semi-finished, luxe or ultra-super lux.

  • The appropriate payment method for your budget, whether in cash or in installments.

  • The name of the project, if you look for a specific compound.


Find All Details of the Projects in the Compound Guide


The Compound Guide from Aqarmap shows you all the details of the projects that may attract you when looking for a unit. The Guide is more like a real estate broker whose goal is to help you choose a reliable project. In the Guide, you will find a great deal of information about the projects’ locations and the most important roads and axes near them. Consequently, you can choose a compound close to your work and the schools of your children.

The Compound Guide also shows you the advantages of the compounds and the services available inside or near them. The Guide also provides you with complete information about the developers of the projects and their work history to choose the developer who enjoys confidence, experience in construction and excellent quality.


Greater Cairo is the Best Choice for a Full-service Luxurious Real Estate Unit


Greater Cairo provides you with many different residential, commercial and administrative projects in Greater Cairo. It also guarantees the availability of all basic and entertainment services, such as hospitals, schools, malls and various shopping centers. Additionally, Greater Cairo enjoys a great strategic location that makes it close to major cities and new areas, such as the New Administrative Capital, Ain Sokhna, and the 6th of October. Greater Cairo is also surrounded by main roads and axes, such as the Suez Road, the Ring Road, and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

The new road networks in Greater Cairo link all major governorates together and make it easy to move from one area to another in a short time. For example, if you live in Nasr City while your work is in the Fifth Settlement, then reaching the workplace takes only 20 minutes thanks to the developed roads and the new bridges.


The Most Important Districts and Areas of Greater Cairo


Greater Cairo has many luxurious residential districts and cities. So, there are various and diverse residential compounds in greater Cairo with luxurious, medium and economic housing options to suit the needs of all individuals. These residential districts and cities are as follows:


New Cairo City


New Cairo is one of the most modern residential cities in East Cairo. It has all the features that any individual looks for, including a distinguished location, luxurious architectural designs, ease of living, and a large number of educational, health and recreational services.

New Cairo is also located 10 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital, 15 minutes away from Ain Sokhna Road, 20 minutes away from Maadi Ring Road, and 5 minutes away from Cairo Airport. Therefore, residing in New Cairo is a great opportunity for those looking for an excellent strategic location close to various cities and regions. New Cairo is close to the Cairo-Suez Road, which provides it with an entrance from the north, while the Ring Road is the main road leading to it from the west. Besides, Katameya-Ain Sokhna Road is the entrance to the southern neighborhoods of the city.

One of the most famous districts in New Cairo is the Fifth Settlement, which includes many high-end residential neighborhoods and luxurious compounds in Fifth Settlement. The Fifth Settlement includes one of the most notable streets in New Cairo, i.e., the North and South 90th Street. It is the longest street in New Cairo and is located along the Ring Road. Besides its strong residential projects, the 90th Street is a new center for business and investment, as it includes various banks, hospitals, mega malls, and branches of major companies.


The Most Important Roads, Streets and Axes of Greater Cairo


Residing in Cairo makes you enjoy proximity to various regions and new cities. There are many main roads and axes that connect Cairo to other cities and areas and facilitate access to and from it.

The most important main roads and axes linking Cairo to other governorates and major squares include:


26th of July axis


It is one of the most famous axes of Greater Cairo. It starts from Lebanon Square in the Mohandessin district in Giza Governorate and heads west to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road with a length of 15 square kilometers, linking the Sixth of October City and Sheikh Zayed City with the rest of Greater Cairo and Giza areas. So, if you choose to live in Compounds of October or Zayed cities, there will be great options to work in the areas of Dokki, Zamalek and Downtown.


The Ring Road


This road is one of the most famous roads in Greater Cairo. It connects Cairo with various other governorates with a length is 100 km. The road has two lanes width in each direction and was developed until it became 3 lanes width from Katameya to Suez and 4 lanes width in the rest distance. It passes through a number of axes, such as the Mansourieh axis heading to the areas of Al-Lubini and Mansouriya, Saqqara Road, and the Mariouteya axis heading left to the areas of Al-Remaya Square and Sixth of October, Al-Wahat Road, and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road in the west.

On the other hand, and to the east, it passes through the Saft al-Laban axis, the 26th of July axis, the Ahmed Orabi axis, the Arab Nationality, Warraq, Qanater al-Khairia, Shubra El-Kheima - Alexandria Agricultural Road, Bahtim, Mostorod - Ismailia Agricultural Road, Suez Road, First Settlement, Fifth Settlement, Katameya - Ain Sokhna Road, and Al Mi’raj.


The Suez Road


It is one of the famous roads and passes by the Al Nasr Road. The Suez Road intersects with the Ring Road and borders New Cairo in the north, and Al-Shorouk City in the south. It also crosses the Eastern Desert to the city of Suez.


The Middle Ring Road


It is a circumferential road in Egypt, as it surrounds the Ring Road of Greater Cairo. It is also surrounded by the Regional Ring Road, from Cairo - Belbeis Road to the El Dabaa axis, with a total of 147 square kilometers.

The Middle Ring Road connects the Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ismailia desert roads and surrounds Greater Cairo. It also links the cities of Al-Shorouk, Obour, and the New Administrative Capital.


The Most Famous Squares in Greater Cairo


Greater Cairo has many famous squares, which are main landmarks, such as:


Tahrir Square


It is one of the most famous squares in Greater Cairo. It is located in the center of the Egyptian country and includes the Tahrir Complex, the Egyptian Museum and the American University in Cairo (AUC). It is also connected to a group of famous streets, such as Talaat Harb Street, Mohamed Farid Street and Qasr El Nile Street. The Square includes a huge group of luxurious housing units, branches of banks and various government departments, and private companies’ headquarters.


Ramses Square


It is one of the most active and well-known squares in Cairo. This square is located in the central station of Egypt and there is a bus stop in the Square. It connects the city center with the suburbs of Heliopolis, Roxy. It also includes the Al-Fath Mosque and a central metro station.


Lebanon Square


It is one of the famous squares, which is located in the Agouza district in the Meat Oqba area, below the 26th of July axis, and near Mohandessin and Dokki.


Services of Greater Cairo


Greater Cairo includes many services that meet the needs of its residents, including basic, recreational and social services. These services are as follows:


Major Hospitals and Medical Centers


Greater Cairo includes many well-equipped hospitals in its various cities, such as:

  • Qasr Al-Aini Hospital in the city center

  • Shafa Hospital in the Fifth Settlement

  • Al Salam International Hospital in Maadi


Major Schools and Universities


Greater Cairo has many famous schools serving its residents, such as:

  • Choueifat Schools in the Fifth Settlement

  • Al-Manara School, Orman and Canal School in Maadi

  • Sunrise School and the Maronite School in Heliopolis


Malls and Entertainment Venues


Greater Cairo contains many famous commercial malls for shopping and entertainment, such as:

  • Talaat Harb Mall in Downtown

  • City Stars in Nasr City

  • Cairo Festival City in the Fifth Settlement


Sports Clubs


Greater Cairo includes various major clubs for its residents to practice and enjoy sports activities, such as:

  • Al-Ahly Club in Nasr City

  • Zamalek club in Agouza

  • Wadi Degla Club in the Fifth Settlement