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Villages and Resorts in the North coast

The North Coast site is one of the picturesque coastal sites in Egypt, as the area is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in the far north of Egypt. All basic facilities and services have been established, such as: roads, hospitals, resorts and hotels at best prices for real estate in egypt that suit all physical levels of individuals.



Details about the North Coast

The North Coast is considered one of the important summer and tourist destinations in Egypt, due to its distinctive natural scenery represented by blue water and soft golden sands. It is known to be one of the main areas that people head to in the summer from the various governorates of the republic, since its weather is considered moderate and coastal.


Moreover, it includes a distinctive group of picturesque beaches, as well as a wide range of high-end villages and resorts in the North Coast and many distinctive recreational facilities.



Administrative Division of the North Coast

The North Coast extends over the Mediterranean over an area of ​​1,050 kilometers, starting from Alexandria Governorate to the Governorate of Sallum in the far west of Egypt and ending at the Libyan border. It is located 197 kilometers from Cairo Governorate, it takes only about 90 minutes to reach by car. It has a wonderful atmosphere away from the hustle of the city in addition to its beautiful nature and the faces of a magician.


The villages and regions of the North Coast start from kilo 21 to Matrouh Governorate. The North Coast includes the areas of:

  • ​​Abu Talat and the Sidi Kerir area

  • Burj Al Arab

  • Hammam area

  • The new city of Alamein

  • The Sidi Abdel Rahman area

  • The coastal road continues to the city of Dabaa 

  • The new Fouka Road

  • The new city of Ras El Hikma 


Main Roads Overlooking the North Coast


The North Coast region is connected to the Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road, which is considered one of the important main roads in the region.


It also connects to the new Fouka Road, which contributed in shortening the distance from Cairo governorate to the North Coast. 


Available Services in the North coast 


Before you decide to rent or buy a villa or chalets offered for sale in the North Coast to spend the annual vacation, you must ensure the quality of the available services in the area, whether health, commercial or recreational, and know the status of its facilities such as water, electricity, communications, etc., 


Services and Health Facilities in the North Coast


The North Coast includes many hospitals, health centers and pharmacies, which provide advice and health services in all specialties, the most prominent of which are:


  • 4 Marina Central Hospital is located in the 9th district of Marina 2

  • Tabarak Children's Hospital located on Champs Elysees in Marina 2

  • Sidi Kerir hospital for emergency and accident treatment is located on the Alexandria-Matrouh desert road, km 39.5, Sidi Kerir

  • Barani Military Hospital on the main road, Sidi Barani

  • El-Dabaa Central Hospital at Kilo 160, Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road

  • Al-Hamam Central Hospital at 64 km, Matrouh-Alexandria Desert Road

  • Al-Nujaila Central Hospital at km 70 - Coastal International Road, Nagila

  • El Alamein Central Hospital in Marina Gate 7

  • Oasis clinics in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, km 126

  • El-Ezaby pharmacy in Marina Gate 2, 4 and 5 - and in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman

  • Seif Pharmacies and Rushdie Pharmacy in Marina Gate 4 at km 110


The Most Important Landmarks of the North Coast


Hacienda Bay is one of the most important landmarks of the North Coast. It includes a group of high-end restaurants and cafes, in addition to many shops, and the buildings are characterized by modern designs that provide a charming atmosphere for residents and visitors.


Among the most important features of the North Coast is the New Alamein city. It is distinguished by its location on the Mediterranean coast, and extends over an area of ​​49,000 acres.


New El Alamein includes many attractions and prominent landmarks such as the Cultural Library and Al Mawla Mosque, which covers an area of ​​3,188 square meters, and it is a unique architectural masterpiece. It also includes the El Alamein Military Museum, where visitors can view the soldiers’ holdings and battle maps, as well as the weapons, armor and aircraft that were used in the Battle of El Alamein. The city also includes an open Roman theater and an opera house.You can find Best Residential Compounds in New Alamein City with best price .



Transportation and Access Roads to the North Coast


There are public transport connections that make access to the North Coast very easy, such as tourist transport companies, including Go Bus, Blue Bus and Super Jet service, in addition to the car ordering service through special applications. The North Coast region also includes El Alamein International Airport, which is located 60 kilometers from the Porto Marina resort and 12 kilometers from El Dabaa.


Restaurants and Entertainment Places in the North Coast


On the North Coast, there are many recreational places to spend your summer vacation, including Aqua Marseille Beach, which is a place dedicated to water games. There are also many restaurants For Sale in North Coast, especially Bedouin food restaurants, including the village of Hani, which is located after the Amiriya Bridge towards Alexandria, and the Jarari Restaurant on the Burj Al Arab Road after the Army Stadium.


Khattab Oasis on Burj Al Arab Road, Al Omda Fish Restaurant from the intersection of Burj Al Arab Airport (Al Mallah Road) after the Khattab Oasis and before Carrefour El Orouba, and Coco Al Arabi Restaurant from Al Taameer axis (Al Mallah Road) after Khattab Oasis and in front of Carrefour Al Arabiya, and Balbaa Village for grilled foods. It is exactly near the village of Rozana.


The Best Commercial Malls in the North Coast


Besides the picturesque nature, multiple resorts and amazing sandy beaches, the North Coast region is characterized by prominent landmarks and multiple entertainment facilities suitable for families, such as malls, making it an integrated and distinctive tourist city. 


The North Coast includes a large group of commercial centers for sale or rent distributed in the region, which include many options of shops, restaurants and cafes that offer different types of meals, in addition to supermarkets that provide all the residents' daily needs. and the most important:


  • Porto Marina Mall: It is located at km 105 on the Alexandria - Matrouh Desert Road in Marina 3, specifically inside the Porto Marina Resort and Spa


  • Emporium Mall: It is located at the 129th kilometer on the Alexandria - Matrouh desert road, specifically inside the village of Marassi, and this mall includes a group of stores and supermarkets, in addition to a large number of high-end restaurants and cafes


  • Rivette Mall: It is located inside the village of Amwaj North Coast at the 136th kilometer on the Alexandria-Matrouh desert road, in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area


  • Siesta Marina Mall: It is located inside the Siesta Marina Hotel


  • Zahran City Mall: It is located near Zahran Mall and in front of the Flower Village, North Coast


  • Orouba Mall: It is located on the road to Burj Al Arab Airport


The Best Villages and Hotels in the North Coast


The North Coast region is a leisure and prime destination for a summer vacation, as it has multiple options of residential properties suitable for individuals, couples and large families wishing to reside in a natural area. Units are available for rent or sale in the North Coast of various types, including empty or partially or completely furnished.


The North Coast includes a variety of properties available for sale, which vary between studios, chalets, garden chalets, townhouses, twin houses, penthouses, and standalone villas. Back gardens and swimming pools. Villas, townhouses, and twin houses in tourist villages are ideal for families who want to rent or own property in upscale areas.


The units generally include 2 or more rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room and a balcony. Some other units such as detached villas include a garden and a private pool. 


All residential lands in the North Coast villages provide high-quality services to ensure the comfort of their residents, as it has provided parking spaces for each apartment and a maintenance crew that takes care of repairs, in addition to effective security services around the clock to ensure the safety of residents, and there are many villages and resorts of high-level suitable for each apartment. All of these services suit all tastes and needs. Among the most prominent:


1. Mountain View Village in Ras El Hikma


Mountain View in Ras El Hikma, is developed and established by Mountain View Real Estate. It is located about two hours by car from Cairo Governorate, specifically 15 km from the exit of the new Fouka Road. 


The buildings in the tourist resort are distinguished by their distinctive exterior and designed according to the Greek style, in light colors mixed with blue, to give residents a unique summer stay.


The properties in Mountain View Ras El Hekma include chalets with areas ranging from 125 to 165 square meters, and chalets with gardens with areas ranging between 132 and 222 square meters. In addition to townhouses with areas ranging from 145 and up to 245 square meters, and twin house units with spaces ranging from 155 and up to 148 square meters. It also offers penthouses with an area of ​​158 square meters, in addition to stand-alone villas with an area of ​​225 square meters. The most important feature of this luxurious resort is the natural beach view and light-colored buildings, and villas are lined up along the beach to provide an ideal place for large families.


 2. Jefaira Resort


Jefaira is one of the most prestigious tourist resorts located in Ras El Hikma Bay, developed by Anarchia Real Estate Development Company, and is distinguished by its location in the heart of the North Coast, directly on the seafront at the 200 km on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. It includes properties of various sizes to suit all needs and requirements, and varies between studio units, chalet with garden, chalets, and villas with sizes ranging from 36 square meters to 445 square meters.


3. La Vista Bay East Resort


La Vista Bay East Resort is located at the 205 km on the Alexandria - Matrouh desert road, and is one of the most luxurious resorts in the North Coast, developed by La Vista Real Estate Development Company. It is characterized by providing various properties suitable for everyone, and includes chalets, twin houses and villas, and the areas of real estate units in the resort range from 120 square meters. and up to 600 square meters. 


The resort provides a package of distinguished services, as it includes an aqua park, water games, a huge shopping mall, swimming pools of different sizes and sizes suitable for adults and children, in addition to a gym, spa and theater for concerts.


4. Gaia Village


Gaia Village North Coast is located at Kilo 192 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, is developed by Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company, and it is distinguished by its modern architectural designs. It also includes a variety of real estate options that suit all tastes and needs, such as chalets, duplexes, twin houses and standalone villas, with areas ranging from 121 square meters to 284 square meters.


The resort includes many services and luxuries that provide you and your family with an enjoyable summer vacation, as it includes an Aqua Park that contains many water games, a gym, spa and jacuzzi, vast green spaces and distinctive landscaping designs. In addition to sports fields for those who love to exercise, there is also a supermarket to meet the daily needs of the residents.


5. Hacienda Bay Resort


Hacienda Bay Resort is one of the largest and most luxurious resorts in the North Coast in particular and Egypt in general, developed by Palm Hills Real Estate Development. Located in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area on the Alexandria - Matrouh desert road, Hacienda Bay includes real estate units available for sale that vary between studio units, chalets, and standalone villas, with areas ranging from 55 square meters to 597 square meters, and all units in the resort have charming views of the beachfront.


Hacienda Bay Resort is distinguished by its huge area extending over an area of ​​about 2 million square meters, and one of its most important features is its colorful architectural designs that make it an unparalleled painting. It also includes all services that meet customers' aspirations, including a pharmacy, an integrated hospital, shops, restaurants and cafes at the highest level, a 5-star hotel, a health club and spa, a golf course, swimming pools of various sizes suitable for everyone, in addition to a mosque.


6. Marassi Resort


Marassi Resort is one of the most prestigious resorts on the North Coast, developed by Emaar Investment and Real Estate Development Company. It is located at km 125 on the Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh desert road. It includes types of real estate units that vary between chalets, apartments, twin houses and villas, and the spaces start from 65 square meters.