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Property Type Price  
Chalet 1,788,950 - 2,328,780 18,500 EGP/M2
Properties 2,082,600 23,140 EGP/M2 Details
Chalet with Garden 3,041,890 24,335 EGP/M2 Details
Duplex 2,563,350 - 2,674,620 14,922 EGP/M2
Villa 6,064,560 25,481 EGP/M2 Details


  • Only at Murano, you will find the beautiful combination of nature and uniquely built units.
  • Luckily and by nature’s work of art, the spring was miraculously found inside Murano, merging with the sea and hugged by Murano’s exclusive units.
  • Prepare yourself to enjoy the best experience by the shore, due to the impressive private sandy beach and crystal clear sea water!


  • Beach & Swimming Pools.
  • Hotel & Spa.
  • Retail Area.


  • Murano is situated at the beginning of Zaafarana Road, which keeps you only an hour away from Cairo.
  • Who needs that long drive that limits your vacation days? Enjoy a short drive, that is only 5km away from the end of Katameya road, and take a break more often!

Payment Facilities:

-10% Down payment,10% After 3 Month and 6 years installments.