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Bareq Tower Mall New Capital From Inverse Group

Property Type Price  
Stores 1,050,000 - 1,925,000 35,000 EGP/M2
Clinics 1,023,000 31,000 EGP/M2 Details
Offices 1,080,000 - 1,314,000 18,000 EGP/M2
  • Listing Description

    Bareq Tower Mall New Capital

    Bareq Tower Mall is a commercial, medical, and administrative project in the Downtown neighborhood, provided by Inverse International group, to include basic and integrated entertainment services.

    The New Administrative Capital is the largest investment project in the Middle East and North Africa, located between the Suez and Ain Sukhna roads in the east of New Cairo, and includes residential neighborhoods, ministerial and government neighborhoods, an international airport, a railway station, a monorail station, an Olympic city and a city of culture and arts, and the iconic tower, the tallest tower in Africa, places of worship such as the Mosque of Egypt and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, the Green River and the central park, the financial and business district and the Downtown neighborhood, and countless entertainment services.

    Details of Bareq Tower Mall

    Bareq Tower Mall is an investment project and a medical commercial administrative tower in the New Administrative Capital, implemented by Invers Group for Real Estate Development.

    Bareq Tower Mall is located in the Downtown area of ​​the New Administrative Capital. It is distinguished by its location on the northern axis of the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, and it is adjacent to the most important landmarks in the Administrative Capital, including Souq El Dahab, Al-Massa Hotel, and Misr Mosque.

    The land area of Bareq Tower Mall is about 1,400 square meters and is characterized by its modern architectural design, and it includes green spaces, various entertainment services, underground garages, and integrated services for business owners. The units’ areas and prices vary in Bareq Tower Mall to suit various large and small projects.

    Real Estate Developer of Bareq Tower Mall

    Inverse Group is the real estate developer of Bareq Tower Mall . It is an international company with projects in 13 countries around the world, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Canada and others.

    Inverse Group was established in 1996 and started its work through a small office in Kuwait, and then expanded through its branches in Egypt, the UAE and Canada, and presented housing and investment projects amounting to 10,000 projects in 52 cities around the world, and aims to provide a high level of services and projects Innovative, distinctive architectural designs, which made it gain confidence in the real estate world in Egypt and abroad, and provides various services, including architectural design, interior designs, project development, consultancy, and construction.

    Previous Projects fo Inverse International Group

    Bareq tower in the New Administrative Capital
    Triumph residential projects in New Cairo in the neighborhoods of Andalusia and the Fifth Settlement.
    Contribution to the Sheikh Khalifa Tower in the Emirates.
    Medical projects and hospitals in different areas in Egypt.
    Government buildings and royal palaces in several countries.

    Location of Bareq tower

    Bareq Tower is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the Downtown area, which is one of the most important investment areas in the capital and is characterized by its proximity to the Gold Market, pharmaceutical companies, petroleum companies, and other important landmarks in the Downtown neighborhood.

    Bareq Tower is a few minutes away from the most important roads and means of transportation in the Administrative Capital, as it is located on the northern axis of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, and a few minutes from the Monorail train station, the Administrative Capital International Airport, and the Egypt Railways stations.

    The main cities and roads near Bareq Tower

    Mohammed bin Zayed North Axis.
    Regional Ring Road.
    Al Masa Capital Hotel.
    Souq El Dahab
    Central Business and Finance District.
    Towers and skyscrapers in the Administrative Capital.
    Egypt Mosque.
    green river.
    Egyptian Central Bank.
    Presidential district.
    Government district.
    Banking area.
    Ministries District.
    Embassies District.
    Opera House.
    The New Egyptian Museum.

    ##Types of Real Estate Units in Bareq Tower Mall

    Bareq Tower Mall includes units of various designs and areas that suit many projects and meet the requirements of business owners, including:
    Administrative offices
    Clinics and medical units
    Restaurants and cafes

    Areas of Units in Bareq Tower Mall

    Inverse International Group was keen to provide different units in spaces and interior designs to suit different groups and businessmen's requirements, and in line with projects and small and large companies.

    Shops: areas start from 33 square meters,
    located on the ground floor and the first floors inside the mall.

    Medical units: areas start from 33 square meters, and vary to suit clinics of various specialties, laboratories and pharmacies.

    Administrative offices: areas range from 25 square meters to more than 70 square meters.

    Design of Baeq Tower Mall

    Bareq Tower was designed in the New Administrative Capital on an area of ​​about 1,400 square meters, and was assigned to various activities and various units among administrative offices, shops and clinics.

    The architectural design of Bariq Tower is distinguished by being distinctive and modern, and a group of the best architects in the Middle East and with long experience were chosen to the tower so that it would implement the first tower to illuminate the sky of the Administrative Capital as described by the company, and its design is distinguished in the Egyptian real estate market.

    Bariq Tower in the Administrative Capital includes 3 underground floors dedicated to garages, and an outdoor restaurant and café area. It is distinguished by its open space and green spaces overlooking the units.

    Features of Bareq Tower Mall

    Luxurious architectural designs, modern and smart technologies in interior design.
    Use of solar energy and energy saving.
    Entertainment areas on the Roof Lounge.
    An outdoor area for restaurants and cafes, and an indoor area for Food Court.
    Kids Area.
    A green space surrounding the mall and giving a distinctive view of the units.
    Recreational walkway.

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Bareq Tower Mall New Capital is in Downtown
The starting unit price in Bareq Tower Mall New Capital is 1,023,000 EGP
The starting unit area size in Bareq Tower Mall New Capital is 30 meters
Last update of prices and details of Bareq Tower Mall New Capital on 06/18/2022
Bareq Tower Mall New Capital status is Under Construction